Right-wing extremist? Martin Hinterger from Eintracht Frankfurt defends himself | football news

The Eintracht Frankfurt defender was once again in turmoil: Martin Hinterger defended himself resolutely against allegations of right-wing extremism. Now Eintracht Frankfurt is also mentioned.

Eintracht Frankfurt announced that so far only the chancellor of Hinterger has been contacted. So the Europa League winner made a statement about his professionalism. No one had any knowledge of the content and form of trade relations in connection with the so-called Hinti Cup. The Bundesliga club wrote: “The commercial and legal proximity to the representative of the right-wing political spectrum in Austria that has now emerged requires a clear distance.”

Eintracht Frankfurt symbolizes tolerance, cosmopolitanism and cosmopolitanism, and I have no doubt that Hintereger is a figure close to his homeland, but also a cosmopolitan, tolerant, alien to discrimination and in many respects in line with Eintracht Frankfurt’s values.”
Hinteregger wanted to organize a hobby tournament in his hometown of Carinthia next week, but it appears that Heinrich Schicker, a well-known right-wing extremist from Austria, also helped organize the “Hinti Cup”.

Sickle, a “familiar face of the right-wing scene”

According to a current extract from the Austrian Register of beneficial owners, Sickl is a shareholder in Hinti Event Ltd entered into the company registry. Excerpt from log exists Sky Sports Before. Austrian journalist Michael Bonfalot described Sickl on his blog Site “As a well-known face of the far-right Austrian scene.” Sikel made headlines in 2018 because he rented a headquarters in Graz for the far-right identity movement.

Hinteregger firmly resists any contact with this scene.

Hinteregger cuts business ties

“I have friends all over the world throughout my career in professional football as well as in private life, and I clearly reject accusations of being right-wing and continue to work against any kind of discrimination,” the 29-year-old wrote. Instagram.

“I have no knowledge of the past or future activities of the Sickl family, I just want to organize a football tournament and nothing more,” the Austria international explained.

The central defender wrote that he would cut off “any business relationship with the Sickl family with immediate effect based on the current state of knowledge” and “the Hinti-Cup event will also be examined as an alternative.” Recently, Hinterger, a favorite of the public, made a fuss with statements that Eintracht had repeatedly suggested that he leave.

Until last year, Sickle was a member of the right-wing FPÖ party in the city council of Graz. He is still active in an initial organization of the FPÖ, as president of the Free Association of Academics in Styria.

And Sickle announced, Thursday, his withdrawal from the organization of the Hinty Cup. Media accusations of a political democracy scandal affected him. Sickle spoke of hate speech against him, which he vehemently rejects as a person and as a politically active citizen.

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Martin Hinterger’s full statement:

“It’s unbelievable that a stranger can claim such things about me. Like the Sickl family, I have roots in Sirnitz. I would like to express my appreciation and thank my fans, sponsors, and supporters since childhood with ‘Hinti Cup.’ Which is why I looked around for a location Appropriate.

Needless to say, Albeck Castle, the property and the surrounding area are perfect for this. In the past 35 years, there have been countless concerts, exhibitions and theater performances by local and international artists such as Otto Schenk, Bluatschink, Franziska Pietsch and many more at Albeck Castle.

I have no knowledge of any past or future activities on the part of the Sickl family, I just want to host a football tournament and nothing more.

Any business relationship with the Sickl family will be terminated with immediate effect based on the current state of knowledge, and a ‘Hinti-Cup’ event will be examined as an alternative to indicate an additional course of action.

I have friends all over the world throughout my career in professional football as well as on a private level, and I obviously reject accusations that I am right-wing and still stand up against any kind of discrimination! “


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