Pokémon GO brings back Level 4 raids for Community Day

In a few days, the next Pokémon GO Community Day will take place, which will bring back a special form of Level 4 raid. MeinMMO has looked at what kind of raids that will be, what limitations there will be and what trainers have to say about them.

What type of event is this? On June 25, 2022, Community Day with Kapuno takes place in Pokémon GO. The Dark and Dragon Pokémon of the fifth generation of games, as you know them from other C-Days, you will find them everywhere in the wild.

In addition to the numerous spawns of fairly rare Pokémon and some bonuses, the event has another special feature in store for you: Level 4 raids. But these will work a little differently than what you’re currently used to from other raids, so they also have significant limitations. We’ll show you what to expect.

When will C-day raids happen? Während der eigentliche Community Day mit Kapuno am 25. Juni in der Zeit von 11:00 Uhr bis 14:00 Uhr Ortszeit läuft, werdet ihr die Level-4-Raids direkt im Anschluss von 14:00 Uhr bis 19:00 Uhr Ortszeit finden ability.

These are Level 4 Raids for Community Day in June

What are these raids? In Pokémon GO, you can participate in different raids with different levels of difficulty. While there have only been 1, 3, 5 and Mega raid levels since the end of 2022, the raid boss should now return to level 4 raids for the first time.

You can meet Duodino, Kapuno’s further development, as part of Community Day in June. But this is not all, because not everyone can participate in the raids as usual. Again, you will be rewarded with a special bonus if you play these raids.

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What are the limitations? Unlike other raids, you can only join a level 4 raid at the location. Thus, participation with the help of a long-distance raid corridor is not possible. In keeping with the season of GO, Niantic would like to lure you outside again.

As before the famous long-distance raids were introduced, you will have to go straight to the ring and use a Raid Pass or Premium Raid Pass to participate.

Win a special bonus: In addition to defeating the raid boss, another special reward awaits you. After the raid, you can unlock more Kabuno forks for 30 minutes, 300 meters around the arena. The same brilliant opportunity should apply as it did during the three-hour community day.

Capono, Dudino and Trevallo, Normal and Shiny

Unlike announcing the first event in the game, there should be no minimum number of trainers to earn this bonus. You can also basically play in smaller groups (via twitter.com).

How difficult is a level 4 raid? Even in the past, it was relatively difficult to do level 4 raids on your own. Niantic has now announced in a statement on Twitter that 4-person raids with Duodino should be a little more difficult.

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So they recommend bringing at least 2-5 other trainers with you. It remains to be seen how difficult the raids will be and whether you can even defeat Duodino on your own.

Coaches ask “Are you kidding?”

The return of Level 4 raids is a big topic on social media. Above all, the restrictions on the use of long-distance raid passes have been criticized, because some coaches are hardly related to other players on the site, and for this reason cannot arrange raids.

You can find the following comments on the reddit community about TheSilphRoad and in the subreddit:

  • Starwars9629-: “Where can I find the other trainers?”
  • Plus-Pomegranate8045: “Ah, yes, mythical creatures known as ‘other trainers.’ I have a better chance of meeting Bigfoot”
  • bobnbill: “Their solution to the problem they created (going back to 3 hours of community days i.e. hard for many people to get to because of work, weather, location, etc.) is to get people to raid in groups (i.e. spending money) to extend Event 30 minutes at a time, at a specific location. Because that’s the best way to keep the magic of events like this. I’m unmoved.”
  • Worried_Patience_117: “Are you kidding?”
  • Barron: “Maybe all this personal nonsense would make sense if Niantic tried to make it easier to contact other coaches or somehow direct coaches to the same yards. I see house names in yards, and sometimes when I attack a yard, these guys actually rush into it, but without running in a semi-circle. 4 blocks in diameter screaming loudly, I’ll never know who these people are.

    10 arenas in a radius of 4 blocks and 3 raids running, even if all the people are out within 20 minutes for a personal raid, there is a 0.05% chance that all players will gather in the same arena and engage in combat in the same 2 minute window. Everyone passes each other in this game like ships in the night.”

  • HexOfTheRitual: “I’m a solo player in a rural setting, I literally haven’t seen another player come running close to me. Rest in peace.”

As the community reactions show, the lack of communication with other coaches in the game also plays a decisive role. Because the community has been asking for in-game conversation in Pokémon GO for years. It remains to be seen if Niantic will incorporate this into the game in the future.

What do you think of the new level 4 raids? Are you well connected with your local community and can you raid without any problems? Or are you more alone and having trouble finding other players? Feel free to write your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and share your ideas with other coaches.

There’s still a lot to do in Pokémon GO in the coming weeks. We’ll show you all the events in June and the ones worth attending.

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