Gain 3: False statements in the official canton report

Gallen’s office wrote a report on the critical intrusions by Kissip Lenth. Much of it was wrong – and it became the basis of a win-win suit. Bruno Hogg commented.

Chief Kesb Linth asked the St. Gallen office to examine four cases that Obersee Nachrichten wrote about. The head of the department did the examination herself. Secret meetings were held with the leadership of earning (“Dear E., dear and.”), but on the other hand she did not say a word to those affected by earning.

The result was a compliment report filled with false statements. This was evident in the case of the “breastfeeding ban”. In it, Kisp Lynth ordered mother Pia Ghammer to wean her nine-month-old baby. This is so she can give it to her ex-boyfriend in Graubünden every weekend on Kesb’s instructions.

Courts approved a mysterious order

Kesb wrote in her decision that staying at Graubünden from Saturday 4pm until Sunday 7pm was “clearly in the best interest” of the child. How she wanted to earn knows that this remains her secret.

When the mother objected to this arbitrary order, the Administrative Appeal Committee of St. Gallen resolved the case – and then of the Cantonal Court of St. Gallen. Both dishes covered the gain. They argued that “night weaning” was not the goal, but an “acceptable side effect” of the gain order.

The child should enjoy relatives

With this managerial imagination, the interests of the child were ignored. This troubling fact did not improve when the same judges who protected the kesb in place of the child now wrote in the kesb trial that the kesb order was based on the new custody order.

Everyone who reads the earning decision at that time is just astonished. Kesb wrote, for example, that after the child arrived at the father’s house in Graubünden, the child had “enough time before bed” to find his way there. Throughout Sunday, the child can “enjoy the comfort of the father and perhaps his relatives” and return “in return, the comfort of the mother.” Receipt 6

The mother shocked a lot of hatred. Appealed the winning decision. Obersee Nachrichten wrote about it. Therefore, the Canton office had to earn an investigation into the case.

False statements in the “test” report

And what did the director of St. Gallen’s office write in her report? In short: a frightening amount of misinformation.
The official report says, for example, that Kesb-Linth “formulated the rules” for sleeping away from home with his mother, Pia Gmür. I agreed, but then got an expert opinion from the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service (KJPD).

That was wrong. It was true: When the mother received a letter from Kesb about her child staying overnight, she wrote back to Kesb the same day: “I disagree with the hearing protocol…” According to Kesb’s expert opinion, she should This is allowed, the child can only be given to the father for an overnight away from home after the age of four. Receipt 7

It was the earning, not the mother

The statement in the official report that the mother had obtained an “expert opinion” on visitation rights was also wrong. It was the book itself that absorbed one of them. It was stated very clearly that the child can only be given to the father for one night from the age of 4 and a half years. Receipt 8

Kassab’s leader signed this report but ignored it. Moreover, Kassab dared to charge the mother 2,000 francs for the skipped item. Receipt 9

against child welfare

Gallen’s chief’s report was also erroneous, as the father had the right to visit the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (KJPD). number given opinion. It was true: the chief medical officer and psychologist at the service wrote to Gain in a letter that their decision was “not in the best interests of the child.” Being away from home overnight before the age of four means ‘stress’ for the child and may ‘endanger the security of their bond’. Receipt 10

Perfect earning world

Finally, the head of the office invited the chief physician for an interview. He accused her of “stabbing him in the back”. He is considering excluding young psychiatric children in the canton from “any expert work” in the future. Receiving 11

No court in St. Gallen was bothered by such behaviour. On the contrary, the courts have upheld the “earning”. Earn canton office wrote a compliment report full of false statements. It was on this rotten basis that the city council sued the newspaper I ran at the time.

Everyone who writes for profit lives dangerously.

In Episode 4 of the Kesb lawsuit, I will describe the day after tomorrow the Kesb interventions we wrote about in Obersee Nachrichten between 2014 and 2016.

Episode 1 summary: On August 9, 2016, the Rapperswil-Jona City Council and former president of Kesb Linth filed a lawsuit against Obersee Nachrichten (ON). At the end of May 2022, the Cantonal Court of St. Gallen distributed the costs of the lawsuit – largely at the expense of the newspaper. Appears: The city council has it on the issue of gain and the turmoil surrounding its leader 650 thousand francs Spread. In fact, nothing came of it.
The newspaper reports gave a voice to those affected by the gain. This necessity was confirmed by the subsequent dismissal of the head of the earnings and the dismissal of his deputy.

The city council wanted, with its lawsuit, to accuse the newspaper of violating the personality of a “earn-and-earn” leader “due to a media campaign”. This was confirmed by the St. Gallen Cantonal Court. In the future, state employees will be able to sue critical media at state expense for “personal harm”. A blow to press freedom in Switzerland.

Summary of episodes 2 and 3: Kesb President Linth has asked the Kesb cantonal office to investigate the Kesb cases described by Obersee Nachrichten. The head of the department and the head of the department were close friends (Dear W., Dear Y.). She wrote in her investigation report what the gain gave her. She did not speak with those affected by the gain. Your courtesy paper for Kesb has served the Rapperswil-Jona City Council to sue ON over their Kesb reports.

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