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SWR3 reporter Josh Kochan has already gained experience using e-bikes (or braces) and proves that, unlike some skeptics, e-bikes are still a sport. You will also find out what you should definitely pay attention to when choosing an e-bike, what bike locks are really safe and what Stiftung Warentest has to say about the new SUV e-bikes.

You make the next turn: Damn it – another mountain! You already have a few kilometers in your calves. Being able to run the electric motor now, and with the added boost of motivation, you can still master the remaining kilometers to the finish line – and some of you sure wished it! At the same time, there was this conflict in my head: Pedelecs are only for seniors, I can actually handle mountains without a motor – and the bikes are expensive!

However, e-bikes have some advantages that no longer convince only the elderly. Josh tells you what they are. You can also find out everything you need to know about e-bikes here:

I’ve been riding a so called e-bike for a year now and don’t want to be without it anymore. I stop the support on the flat, and I usually ride mountains with the lowest level of support. And only when there is still a steep hill of more than ten percent in the final stage, I swap the supports with two more levels. My rides are getting longer and I’m climbing more than before.

Pedelec passengers ride more often, and women benefit more

Studies in Hanover and Norway confirm that many other cyclists feel the same way: people with buckles ride more and more often – doing something for their health as well as the environment. The Norwegian researchers also discovered that women in particular find it easier to use the foot pedals – they suspect this is due to reduced muscle tone and therefore benefit more from the support motors.

HoheAcht Press Photo / Technibike

Cycling in itself is an endurance sport. But once I get on my (regular) mountain bike, I don’t ride much in the endurance zone, the fat metabolism zone, which is important, where you actually have to train.
The e-bike helps you increase or decrease your disability accordingly, so that I always get enough support from the e-bike to achieve exactly the training effect I want.

Move instead of standing in traffic jams

Additionally, studies have found that environmental considerations are now extremely important for many cyclists. Since the foot pedal can also be used as a replacement car seat, you should of course be able to afford it. A number of companies offer their employees special rental offers. Many employees now cycle to the office in the morning effortlessly and traffic jams – while ensuring fresh air.

Our experience is that getting active again just got easier with an e-bike. We have also noticed that people who use e-bikes choose other methods. And the range of motion, the radius actually nearly doubled.

“Now drive straight ahead” – straight into the abyss?

Basically, the first question for all those interested is: What bike do I actually need? If you like to ride on a dirt track from time to time, you don’t need a fully mount – a bike with front and rear suspension that is actually designed for off-road trips. A trekking bike will probably suffice for most users.

Difference between e-city, e-trekking and e-mountain bike

A man and a woman ride HoheAcht e-bikes (Photo: HoheAcht/Technibike Click Images)

E-bike excursions

HoheAcht Press Photo / Technibike

on one city ​​bike You have a more upright sitting position, which is good for shopping and moving things or even for taking a tour. On the other hand, you are sitting on one bike trip More bent forward. This is more sporty and also suitable for long distance and bike tours. E- and touring city bikes are the bikes you are most likely to experience riding in the city. This means that accessories like lighting, luggage racks and mudguards play an even bigger role. a electronic mountain bike It is basically a piece of sports equipment that you can use off-road or on forest trails to which a battery light or shovel guard can only be attached when needed.

How do I know the right tire size for me?

The correct tire size is important so that there is no back pain on long rides. If it is not possible to take a test, you can help yourself as follows: Measure the inner length of the leg, bare feet off the floor, and the leg up to the stopping point at the crotch. Multiply the value in centimeters by a factor of 0.66 for a touring bike and you get – approx! – Optimal tire size in centimeters.

How do I recognize a good e-bike?

Important when choosing a bike: high quality workmanship. The drive and battery must come from a brand manufacturer (CE certified) to ensure safety and spare parts. Hydraulic disc brakes are recommended for relatively heavy e-bikes.

The combination of motor and battery capacity must also be tailored to your specific needs. For example, if you live on the Rhine plain and rarely travel in low mountain ranges, then you will not need such a powerful battery. On the other hand, if you drive a lot in the mountains and want to take longer rides, you need a powerful motor and a battery with the largest capacity possible. Above all, driving of course should be fun!

The price range, of course, is very wide. A good e-bike starts around 2,000 euros. You can spend up to €10,000 today. We advise you well in the price range from 2200 to about 3500 euros.

10 real pitfalls when buying a bike – including an e-bike

As the first three letters suggest, the SUV e-bike should primarily impress with its comfort and off-road ability. Stiftung Warentest also evaluated these criteria in its testing: Nine different electric SUV bikes were tested. In particular, the wheels and their driving characteristics were included in the wheel assessment.

In contrast to the kids’ bike test this year, almost all of the bikes performed well. The Entice 5.B Advance+ from Kalkhoff took last place with an overall rating of 2.7. The test winner was KTM’s Macina Aera 671 LFC with an overall score of 1.8. Both models are priced at over €4,000, so they’re right in the middle for SUV e-bikes. The cheapest SUV e-bike is €3,300 (CubeNuride Hybrid EXC 625 Allroad), the most expensive is €5,350 (FlyerGoroc2 2.10).

SUV E-Bike Models Test

These models have been tested by Stiftung Warentest:

  • KTM Macina Aera 671 LFC
  • Simplon Kagu Bosch CX 275 TR
  • Specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 Step Through EQ
  • Stevens E-Universe 6.5 FEQ
  • Centurion Country R960i
  • Flyer Gooc2 2.10.1 Update
  • Cube Nuride Hybrid EEXC 625 Allroad
  • Coratec MTC 12S
  • Temptation 5.B Advance + by Kalkhoff

Driving characteristics in addition to safety and durability, as well as pollutants and drivability were test criteria. Testers were particularly impressed with the KTM model: Stiftung Warentest rated KTM’s SUV e-bike 1.5 in terms of Safety and durability. to me Driving Characteristics They got 1.6 and 1.8 to cut. when to treat Slightly weaker e-bike. Here the test winner got a 2.3. Likewise, there were fewer points in terms of category pollutants. Here, the test winner has a score of 2.6.

The most important tip if you have an expensive e-bike is to use two locks. It is better to use two different types, because thieves often specialize in one type. For example, you can combine a U lock and a chain lock.

In the Stiftung Warentest test, the heavy-duty U-locks proved to be the safest. It seems that folding locks are not as secure as they seem. It is not recommended to install armored cable locks because although they look solid, they can be easily picked up. Even combination locks often fail the test. So it is better to use a lock with a key. Although there was a very good lock for 36 euros in the test, product testers recommended spending about 100 euros to get a good lock. Another tip: Attach the bike frame as high as possible so the thief can’t support himself with the bolt cutters on the ground.

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