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In the new Karg Specialized Portal for Giftedness, professionals from daycares, schools and counseling can now find more knowledge about supporting gifted and talented as well as gifted.

Fortunately, the topics of supporting gifted and talented as well as gifted have received more attention in recent years. However, there are a lot of stereotypes about talented (highly) people. This includes, for example, the idea that (highly) gifted children and young adults do not need any support – after all, they must be able to use their cognitive potential to gain knowledge on their own. The Karg portal for talent starts here and answers questions from professionals in daycares and schools and advice about the gifted and talented.

Efficiency Equity

For years, educational researchers have pointed out that gifted children also need support in learning and that educational equity only occurs if these children are also able to develop their potential in the best possible way through support.

The Carg Foundation wishes to help talented children and young people have the right to receive the same attention and support in their educational path that all children are entitled to. We focus particularly on children affected by social inequality and girls, because their talent often goes unrecognized. Ultimately, all children and youth benefit from comprehensive individual support. Our specialized Karg Gate talent provides essential and in-depth knowledge, which is scientifically sound and practice-oriented. In this way, we support all professionals who are committed to an education system that is suitable for talent.” Ingmar Ahl, Director of Achieving Purpose, about the new portal.

Talent Portal Specialist Karg

The fully revised Karg Specialized Portal is an offering from the Karg Foundation and presents educational professionals, psychologists, people from educational policy and all interested in talent specialist information on the subject. In addition to databases of qualified counseling centers and comprehensive reviews of IQ testing, it provides comprehensive information on promoting gifted and talented children in daycare centers, schools, and in counseling contexts. A database of further education offerings and conferences in German-speaking countries as well as a set of links to subject-specific information from other providers provide a quick overview of the field.

This is new

The new Karg niche portal for talent allows the Karg Foundation team’s expertise to be made available to the general public. Articles and interviews in text, audio and video formats show the knowledge collected in several projects; Also, outside experts from practice and science regularly have their opinions. The goal is to provide tangible assistance to skilled workers for their daily work.

In order to enable quick mentoring, the articles on Recognizing Gifted People (Highly) and Encouraging and Counseling Gifted People (Highly Score) have been prepared in the new Specialized Portal specifically for daycare centers, schools, and counseling contexts. Along with some basic contributions, these articles have been grouped into two sections, Understanding the Gifted and Supporting the Gifted. Additionally, there is a blog dedicated this year to the topic of underachievement, a glossary to which more terms will be gradually added, and more reading recommendations for the topic.

The portal is constantly growing based on the latest scientific findings, and the databases are regularly updated. All contributions comply with scholarly standards, eg through comprehensive references and valid citations. Additional download and print functions allow professionals to continue to use articles in a professional context.

Brief information about the Karg specialist portal for talent

  • Online: Since 2022
  • Execution: The Karg Foundation. Specialized Media Department (Department Head: Reyngaard Lieb)
  • What: To prepare scientifically sound, practice-oriented knowledge of professionals from daycare, school and extension contexts, people from educational policy and everyone else interested in the topic
  • Goal: knowledge transfer, practical support, eliminating stereotypes
  • Website:

Message from the Karg Foundation.

About Carg Foundation
Our mission is to support gifted children in day care, school and counseling. Close to people and everyday education, we look for good ideas and provide practical support in promoting talented students. We clarify the need, create networks and develop concepts. We advise, teach, and qualify for the promotion of talented students. Together with politics, science, and practice, we create an equitable and inclusive education system. Because this also enables children and young people with high intellectual potential to develop their personality. The Karg Foundation, founded in 1989 by entrepreneur Hans Georg Karg and his wife Adelheed Karg, is a trusted partner and driving force behind the promotion of talent in Germany.

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