Culture, School and Sports Committee

Crinson. What are the needs of users of sports facilities, especially at the August Wenzel Stadium? The Committee on Culture, Schools and Sports discussed this at its last meeting. In this context, there were also performances of skaters. To this end, the commission inspected the facility at Crane Station.

Built 20 years ago, renovated ten years ago

“Lots of pieces!” The first impression of the skate park at Kreiens train station was not the best for the members of the committee who gathered there under the direction of President Beatrix Tappe-Rostalski, CDU. One can only speculate who was responsible. By depositing a broom on site to encourage officials to be cleaner, this idea was quickly dismissed. The facility was very well received, said Eckhard Rotha, von Crensen’s former youth worker. It was built 20 years ago with the help of a private donation and was renovated ten years ago. The local council is responsible for maintaining the area. The young man who drives here occasionally and travels there specifically for this purpose described the facility as ‘absolutely cool’. Here, he explained to the commission, previously practiced “experienced movements” were performed, if possible without an audience.
Arnd Severidt, head of the department, stated that demands for such a display are different today than they were at the time of construction. However, the somewhat remote location is definitely an advantage: if the wheels come into contact with a collision, it wouldn’t bother anyone. However, the area is becoming less visible as a result – a problem that has been known for many years. The commission has emphasized, in principle, that it is good that the system is still available, and therefore it wants to continue to support the offer. It is suggested that the place be cleaned frequently. The costs of this must be determined. In addition, there should be better references to the method, and youth welfare were asked to advertise the skate park more, including via the youth portal jup. Perhaps a joint post about performances for young people will be helpful, says Dennie Klose, SPD, such as the new mountain bike route, multifunction hall, and skate park. It can then be distributed in schools, for example. Youth care should also meet with users and discuss if they want more devices. It was decided unanimously. On the other hand, it will be difficult to implement the expansion of the facility, as the areas belong to the railway site or are required for parking.

Round table for clubs and schools

Given the sports facilities and the rejected request by Chancellor Kloss for an outdoor skate park, an outdoor ice skating practice area and an artificial turf field, the committee tasked management in February with setting up a round table. The clubs and schools that use the stadium should be involved. The Chairman of the Committee commended the fact that a comprehensive model has now been developed that meets the needs of the clubs.

Home operation: outdoor sanitation facilities

The ENPAC Athletic Club called for the renovation of the tartan track and shooting area, the installation of a facade, a hard-court drainage inspection and the containment of vandalism. SVG called for the renovation of the outdoor sanitary facilities, the lighting on the stairs in the hard court and the artificial turf pitch. Turf that is easy to play on and a hard pitch regeneration is desirable. An outdoor track would be important to a roller sports club, perhaps with a roof. The vision visualizes three squares consisting of B and D squares as well as subregions. The schools also named the artificial turf pitch and outdoor basketball and volleyball facilities. The renovation of the Tartan Trail has been included in medium-term planning, and the renovation of the external sanitary facilities will be carried out in the current budget. Other measures are still being examined. There is a need to renovate the district’s outdoor sports facility at the Green School Center.

Review more measures

Building and property management personnel cannot provide a comprehensive renovation concept for the stadium complex, including the renovation of sports fields, running track, athletics facilities, health facilities, ancillary areas, amphitheater and gymnasium; An external planning office should be involved for this. First of all, a decision must be made as to whether the club’s desire to build a turf pitch, an artificial turf pitch and a roller skating surface in the existing B and D pitches in the middle should be met. Extent, and what measures should be implemented after the renovation of existing facilities should be.

artificial pitch

Klaus-Reiner Schott, SPD, has stated that the sports club will have to build a potential artificial turf pitch. Only he is able to apply for grants. The city can only participate to a small extent. He noted that artificial turf maintenance is much more expensive than turf maintenance. The same property structure applies to the outer fairways for roller skaters. He does not believe it is possible to meet the demand in the near or medium term, and sees no perspective on the city’s finances.
Societies: contribution and personal benefits

CDU’s Antjee Salter has also spoken out in favor of more personal involvement by clubs, but she also finds it not always “easy”. In any case, it will be difficult for the city to fulfill its desires, especially with rising costs.

Division head Seferredt confirmed that clubs would receive funding if they were the owners of the regions or if contracts were extended in the long term. In addition, there is a need for clubs to participate in appropriate training courses on how to apply for funding.
Denny Klose says money is not there, you have to hold on to it. It is good to ask clubs about their needs and desires.

decision proposal

The proposed resolution provided for the maintenance of the stadium’s sports facility to the extent required, including planned investments. Further measures will have to be discussed in the parliamentary blocs.Such as

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