“CoWorking Space” opened in Wissen in mid-July

Message from 10/06/2022

Written by Catherine Behner

Working across industries with others in a great environment: This is “CoWorking”. The first “co-working space” opened on July 14 in “The Hexagon”. In the best location amidst the knowledge Markus Bläser and his company “MB Software und Systeme GmbH” offer the right building for the modern working environment.

The “CoWorking Space” by Markus Bläser (center) with his company “MB Software und Systeme GmbH” will open on July 14. Here during a “Hexagon” site tour with Markus Rödder and Berno Neuhoff (right). (Photos: kathapi)

Knowledge/Area. With its official opening on Thursday 14 July, it will be a “co-working space” in the center of the unparalleled city of knowledge in the Altenkirchen region. This is absolutely stunning, as is the building that will house the Coworking Space. Because we are not talking about a big city like New York, but about the beautiful city of Wissen an der Sieg, which fits perfectly in its frame conditions.

The building where CoWorking will take place in the future is already looking for its own kind on a large scale with its hexagonal floor plan. It provides the optimum conditions for the vision of Markus Bläser and his successful company “MB Software und Systeme GmbH”: in addition to the ten functions of its employees, a high-quality “site” for freelancers, home-office bouncers, students and “start-ups” are created here for example Not limited to target groups of “CoWorkers”.

There is certainly a need for a modern work environment in which “people at work” can meet and allow their creative ideas and business to run freely. This is not the least according to a study conducted and evaluated by the Altenkirchen district last year. However, inquiries already made by Bläser about renting “CoWorking” workstations show that he has recognized the signs of the times.

“Best place” (Best place) in Siegstadt
When it comes to general terms, on the one hand we are talking about Rathausstraße 56, the Westerwaldbank building. Bläser and his company will move to “Hexagon” at the beginning of July on the top floor, covering a total area of ​​480 square metres. Also on board: Tax Office Robert Gerrick.

The Volksbank’s then board of directors met here until 2007. Then the community management used the rooms to hold their meetings, for example, until the vaccination center moved. Since it was no longer needed, the property remained empty. Markus Bläser is the perfect time to start conversations about renting. Negotiations were very difficult and were on the verge of failure, according to Placer. Mayor Berno Neuhof is not the only one who was pleased with the lease signing.

Renovation is currently in full swing. The high-quality hexagonal room, which is the heart of the floor, received a new glass dome, ensuring a light-flooded and air-conditioned work space of 180 m2 “CoWorking”. In addition to the Bläser team, up to a dozen “CoWorkers” can use a flexible workspace here.

There is also a meeting room, a ‘video creator space’, a kitchen and a ‘relaxation area’ with a rooftop terrace. Technical equipment is oriented to the highest level of today’s requirements.

The fact that Bläser, who had been looking for the perfect workplaces for a good four years, decided in favor of knowledge, not least because of the central location of Siegstadt in the Altenkirchen district. Optimal transportation, for example through the regional train station and Federal Highway 62, are other factors that make the beautiful town on Sieg more than interesting, says Bläser, whose company is currently still based in Selbach. In addition, according to Placer, “knowledge has the heart of the city.” Everything a modern workplace needs is in the immediate vicinity, directly opposite the current and future new town hall. Bläser, who is also a co-founder of Table System System Digital, mentions parking facilities, gastronomy and last but not least the large number of ‘start-up’ businesses in the area.

Berno Neuhoff calls the location chosen by Bläser for his innovative company and building CoWorking Space “the best place in the know” (Best Place) and is excited about the progress of the renovation, which is on schedule. He has already warmly welcomed the Wind Players with their company and ideas – and that in an important field that will once again change its face with the new Town Hall building. “The city is pleased with the innovative jobs it has acquired,” Neuhoff continued. The mayor is also enthusiastic about Bläser’s entrepreneurial courage, being the first to create “CoWorking” in the entire area all without any potential funding.

According to Placer, there is, but the circumstances seemed practically unusable to him. Despite the current general economic situation with the Ukraine War and ongoing supply bottlenecks, Bläser is looking to the future. It’s about “actively shaping the future” – here he and his colleagues have the opportunity to do it.

Economic promoter Markus Rueder is also excited about Bläser’s commitment. Bläser not only offers “startups” and young entrepreneurs, who are currently still working in their living room, a complete workplace, including technology and infrastructure. Just as important as Bläser himself, the business promoter values ​​the connections and networks that can be configured in the “CoWorking Space”. Neuhoff and Rödder are happy about the inquiries that Bläser has already made ahead of the official opening.

Official Opening – Reservations are already possible
The official opening of the Coworking Space will take place on Thursday, July 14th from 3:00 pm. In addition to Mayor Neuhoff and business developer Rödder, District Manager Dr. Peter Enders warmly welcomes the first “co-working space” in the entire region. All interested parties are invited to the opening.

More information about the knowledge of joint work can be found on the page
www.coworking-wissen.de. Reservations can be made here, even for a tasting day – with no commitments and no fees. (Cathepi)

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