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Here you will find all the information about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The article will be updated regularly to keep you updated.

As Modern Warfare 2 approaches its end date of October 28, new information about the latest Call of Duty title is emerging almost daily. In this regularly updated article, we’ll keep you updated and let you know everything we know so far.



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Current status: June 10

Price, release and more

While Vanguard and older CoD titles still cost €60 in the Standard Edition, fans of Ghost, Soap and Co. should. For Modern Warfare 2 at least €70 Scroll on the table. If you want to buy the game in the Vault Edition, you will have to 100 EUR Pay. On Twitter and Reddit, the CoD community isn’t excited at all. On the original release date, a file October 28Nothing has changed.

As it has now been confirmed, both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 will appear on all major platforms. Together with next generation consoles PS5 and XBox Series X. the game too PS4, XBox one and PC chest. The new CoD title will also be around steam And it’s not exclusively about that as it was before Fired.

Modern Warfare 2 will receive an open beta. Anyone who purchases the game will now have early access to it and can start before anyone else. No beta release date has been set.

While some mechanics from previous CoD titles will also be used in Modern Warfare 2, others haven’t made it into the new game, and for good reason. Here we tell you what is changing in MW2.

FOV slider for controllers

First of all, good news for all console players. With Modern Warfare 2, it will finally be the long-awaited game Field of View (FOV) slider for controllers Give. The feature, which has been available for a long time on PC, ensures that the visual playing area is increased. Until now, this value has been limited to consoles for technical reasons, giving Konsoleros a clear disadvantage in battling PC users.

New movement options

In both MW2 and Warzone 2.0 we can finally swimming, which will give us completely new tactical possibilities. Plus, we’ll be able to throw ourselves onto our stomachs in no time with the snorkeling action. On the edges, shutters And the like we can contact us in the future shake alongIt remains to be seen if removals will also be possible.

new engines

MW2 and Warzone 2.0 are based on the Infinity Ward Engine 9.0 (IW 9.0), whose predecessor has already been used in several CoD titles, including Modern Warfare, Warzone, BOCW and Vanguard. The new engine is significantly improved over its predecessor (IW Engine 8.0) and already offers some mouth-watering graphics in the alpha version of MW2.

New multiplayer game mode like Rainbow Six: Siege

like dropouts Ralfalfa It was announced via Twitter that the developers of Modern Warfare 2 may have copied Rainbow Six: Siege. The most popular Putting the attacker against the defender It will find its way into the new Call of Duty. It’s still not clear if we can compromise on windows in true Rainbow Six: Siege style.

arms dealer

The famous gunsmith, who has been an integral part of all CoD games since Modern Warfare, is also returning in MW2. The weapon configuration will be divided into two different areas in the future – Attachments and weapon parts. There will be seven attachments and three weapon parts for each weapon that we can combine. It has yet to be announced how many of those we can fit into our favorite lead syringe. YouTuber Espresso has thought about the gunsmithing topic and created an interesting video.


  • Mouth
  • under the flow
  • laser
  • Ammo
  • mask
  • Dealing

weapon parts

  • Being
  • magazine
  • ending
  • aperture
sample picture of espresso

The add-ons will not be available in the MW2, but as in the Vanguard, different types of ammo. In addition, there will finally be Shooting With which we can test different weapon configurations. However, if you believe in espresso, then gun tuning will not be easy. Even MW2 developers said that “hanging game” a A game within a game will be.

sample picture of espresso

Unlock weapons and attachments

We currently have to level up in our Call of Duty Account, Weapon, Battle Pass, and Operator levels. The level of account or challenge determines which weapons we can use. After unlocking a weapon, we have to earn individual attachments to it again separately. A laborious and time consuming system that has to be changed in MW2.

New weapons will be in the future”family treesOpen. There will be different “families” of weapons, but they’re not just divided into classes like assault rifles, submachine guns or sniper rifles. So it’s possible that a family tree could contain a mixture of different branches of weapons.

sample picture of espresso

Should we use a weapon in the future, for example if you play an assault rifle and open the accessories, it will become available for all the assault rifles we play in the future. So there will be some kind of accessory that we can choose from for each weapon type without having to upgrade each weapon individually. So if you play a lot with assault rifles, you will quickly receive attachments for this weapon class.

Map Editor

A few days ago, CoD Leaker Ralfalfa On Twitter he claims that MW2 will get a map editor. Also a gaming platform Charlie Intel and dropouts TheGhostOfHope Confirmed that there will be a “new sandbox”. Even if Infinity Ward and Treyarch give the community some freedom to scrap the Call of Duty maps, it is highly doubtful in the end whether they will be as extensive as in Fortnite’s creative mode. After all, developers want cards to be strictly regulated and to give creators a green tick if they are verified.

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