Because they don’t know what will happen in 2022: the guests, the dates, the tickets

In summer, popular “Jauch Gottschalk Schöneberger Show” return. With two new episodes running “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen.” – DSWNWP for short again RTL. Viewers’ fun goes to a new round when the three are initially unsuspecting mediators in Toys– And contests to prove their talent for improvisation.

  • when Is the display on RTL?
  • How exactly does this work Concept?
  • who are they Guests?

Broadcast timesAnd the broadcast timeThe Supervisors & Co. – All Information About new episodes From “Because They Don’t Know What Happens” is available here at a glance.

‘Because they don’t know what’s going on’: Broadcast dates, airtimes, and frequency

on me RTL The fun continues at last: “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen.” Back with new episodes. Peak show with two new episodes In the Started. RTL shows this on two consecutive evenings. After running two shows in January 2022, the station is now doing more in the summer. Whether the show is on free TV Appointment Currently unknown.

The Broadcast times and the broadcast time About RTL:

  • Episode 1: Saturday, June 18, 2022 at 8:15 pm
  • Episode 2: Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 8:15 pm

“Because they don’t know what’s going on”: broadcast on RTL Plus

The live show because they don’t know what’s going on is there too RTL Plus In the flow Available. Currently, you can do both Archaeology From January 2022. However, you need a premium subscription for this. For a certain period of time, the program is available as full episode usually for free Stream to get rid of them.

How does the phrase “because they don’t know what’s going on” work?

“Because they don’t know what’s going to happen” promises good entertainment. indeed How it works The show actually? Thomas Gottschalk, Gunter Gauch and Barbara Schönberger compete in different games against outstanding opponents. It was first broadcast in August 2018. Which – which Concept He lives by the fact that the three psychics, one of whom is supervising, show a talent for improvisation. The other two will candidates And she has to compete with high profile guests. They appear suddenly and sometimes strangely to play And the the exams They compete against each other and have to show both brains and physical effort. In previous seasons there were games like “Blow Balls”, “The Boxing Glove Challenge” or “The Musical Shell Game”.

Who are the guests in “Because They Don’t Know What’s Happening”?

Oliver Bucher, Michael Mittermeier, Michel Hunziker & Co. – First Class List celebrity discount In long view. But which one? Famous People In the show in question, the TV greats only find out at the beginning of the show. This means with any of them Guests Two new episodes are expected in June and have yet to be announced.

All information about the new sports competition on RTL

These are the hosts of the show

Nothing else will be announced until the show itself. Manal moderation The fun event must be kept secret until the start of the game. But these three famous superstars qualify:

‘Because they don’t know what’s going on’: Show tickets

The “Jauch Gottschalk Schöneberger Show” on RTL is very popular among viewers. No wonder so many are wondering how He lives Be able to attend the show. So how do we get there? cards? tickets For ‘they don’t know what’s going to happen’ you can go to or Online Under the EndemolShine ticket shop to buy. But for fans of the show, there’s currently bad news. Because at the moment you can only register for the show in the waiting list. The dates for June 18 and 19, 2022 are booked up.

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