Anita Mukuli, winner of the Art Prize at LISTE 2022

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Anita Mukuli, winner of the Art Prize at LISTE 2022

06/10/2022 / 07:00

Media release
Basel, 10 June 2022

Anita Mucolli won the Helvetia Art Prize 2021 and, as part of the sponsorship award, has the opportunity to display at this year’s LISTE Art Fair Basel. In this context, her most recent work, displays a spatial installation of life forms unknown to us but strangely familiar.

Swiss artist Anita Mukoli (born in 1993) creates immersive spatial installations that contemplate possible future scenarios. Its rooms are often reminiscent of movie scenes or theater sets that combine the familiar and the strange at the same time. Whoever enters the rooms becomes a part of them, the boundary between reality and fantasy is blurred.

Rooms with combo capabilities
Anita Mukuli understands space not only as a physical space, but also as having an anthropological dimension that connects our cultural notions of time with imagined spaces and places that we know, for example, from literature, film and theatre. Thus space has many functions, we not only stay in it, but think about our past, present and future together.

(other than) known life forms
The artist’s latest work is an installation reminiscent of a science fiction movie scene inhabited by strange-looking creatures. They join a breed of monsters and fantasy creatures dreamed up by writers, filmmakers and artists to familiarize our senses with life forms our eyes can never see. From microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses to cells of all shapes and inhabitants of the deep sea, life presents us with forms with which we relate, even though we are not actually aware of them.

Through the work that Anita Mukuli presents at LISTE Art Fair Basel 2022, she presents an idea of ​​Earth’s past and future: a tiled swimming pool as a habitat for creatures and life forms immersed in a fluid that is alien to us and evolving. Perhaps they were embryos, models, or models of organisms that had no function or place in the universe, and thus became temporary sculptures.

Find out more about Anita Mucolli’s work in the video:

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