60 German badges for Lent

High performance at any age: Entire families often participated in the training. Photo: king

Also this year, athletes were invited to a training session on Lent, and the sports badge was awarded as part of this. With the most beautiful sunshine and a drink with snacks turned out to be a successful event. Although the number of people awarded the German sports badge has again decreased slightly compared to 2020, the team of examiners led by Gerlind Kolesa, Christian Rieger and Werner Goetz managed to honor more than 60 athletes. Of course on Thursday. After all, examinees are in the field every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. to conduct training. The fact of the success of many athletes is largely due to the athletics group of the gymnastics division TSV Lenting, led by Dora Aranyi and Petra Joly-Pottuz.

The large number of repeaters already shows that buyers, whether young or old, are a close-knit community that meets every year at the school sports facility in Linting to train and prove their performance. Of course, examinees would prefer if many new participants found their way to the school sports facility, especially more residents from Lenting. It is not necessary to be a member of a club to participate in the sports badge, but locals who are not yet club members should consider joining as the club bears the costs. It is always a pleasure if entire families, from children to grandparents, have the ambition to achieve their goals together. According to club members, this is also a good way to informally introduce your kids to the sport and get them excited about it, without always having to rely on a club or school. The Athletic Field and Examiner are available for badge training every Thursday, except on public holidays, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. through the end of October, so that sports enthusiasts can practice their endurance, strength, speed and coordination in the four discipline groups and are tested. The performance badge is the highest award to an athlete outside of competitive sports. The German Sports Badge is an award from the Olympic Sports Federation.


Children and youth

Bronze badge: Klisanin Ivan (first time) Dominic Dietz (third time) Bastian Julie Potoz (fourth time) Felix Hermann (seventh time)

silver badges:
Jenny Staub (second time), Lukas Schmidt (third time), Clara Dones (fourth time), Jara Hennig (5th time), Tim Luxa (sixth time), Jonas Dietz (seventh time)

gold badge:
Clara Thiel and Luca Reddt (first time), Antonia Arani (second time), Emma Fox, Paul Fox, Julia Luxa and Pauline Julie Potoz (3rd time), Aguston Arani (4th time), Lara Staub (5th time), Sofia Toma (forth time). 6th), Adam Felix, Cosima Adam, Hannah Adam and Louisa Whitman (ninth time)


silver badges: Benedict Koch, Jolanda Fersi (1st time), Daniela Stubb (4th time), Otto Gleich and Sylvia Wittmann (6th time), Karl-Heinz Koenig (19th time)

gold badge: Simon Koch, Andreas Luxa, Hedron Mile, Klaus Stoll, Philip Wesser and Marina Wittmann (first time), Norman Bischoff (second time), Jan Hüttel, Werner Mayer and Verena Wedendorfer (3rd time), Dora Arany, Klaus Arnold and Rene Stubb (4th time). ), Sebastian Peter (5th time), Sylvia Whitman (sixth time), Gunter Lindell (seventh time), Regina Hillebrand Gaech, Christian Rieger and Diana Wittmann (eighth), Christian Baer (ninth time), Birgit Koch (ninth time) 10th), Stephanie Adam and Irina Orlova and Ludwig Glass (12th time), Adam Stefan and Stephanie Boris (14th time), Ralph Acker and Thomas Neufer (18th time), Ludwig Wittmann (20th time), Gerlind Kolesa (28th time) and Heinrich Lechner, Ludwig Karl (36th time) and Werner Goetz (42nd time)

a test

Gerlind Kolisa, Christian Rieger and Werner Gotze took care of the participants.


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