What you need to know about elections in Central Saxony

What you need to know about elections in Central Saxony

The countdown is running. On June 12, a new district administrator will be elected in the district and a new mayor will be elected in the five municipalities of the Döbeln district.

In the elections for the new director of the region of Central Saxony, those entitled to vote can choose one of three candidates.
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Central Saxony. On June 12, the people of Central Saxony will elect a new district administrator. There are three candidates. Mayors are also elected in five cities. Seven people stand for election in Roßwein, four in Leisnig, three in Waldheim and one each in Hartha and Kriebstein. In addition, the residents of Ostrau and Szczetz-Uttewig vote in a referendum on the amalgamation of the municipalities.

What is the date of the district council elections and the mayor’s office?

The first poll will take place on Sunday 12 June. If neither candidate receives more than half of the valid votes cast in the election on that day, there is a second round of voting. It is scheduled for July 3.

Nominations that have already been approved can be changed or withdrawn until June 17th at 6pm. However, new candidates may not be added.

Who has the right to elect the district director and mayors?

All German citizens and citizens of another EU member state have the right to vote in elections. Eligible voters must be at least 18 years of age and have their principal place of residence for three months or more in the district of Mittelsachsen or in the municipality in which the mayor is elected.

A person who is excluded from the right to vote by legal regulations may not vote in district elections in Central Saxony and in municipal elections in the region of Dublin.

How are the governor and mayor elected?

Both the district administrator and the mayors are elected every seven years. All eligible voters can cast their ballots in the first ballot on June 12. Each eligible voter has one vote for the district administrator and, in this case, another vote for the mayor.

If a candidate receives more than half of all the votes in the first ballot, he or she has won the election. If neither candidate obtains this absolute majority, a second ballot will be held on 3 July 2022. In new elections, a simple majority of valid votes cast is decided. If two candidates have the same number of votes, the lottery is decided.

Where can the district administrator and mayors be elected?

The ballot paper states the polling station at which the recipient can vote and whether the room is clear of obstructions. Election notifications were sent out in the Döbeln region in mid-May. By now, each eligible voter must have received their voting card by mail.

What to do if the voter does not receive notification of the election?

Anyone who is entitled to vote but has not yet received notice of an election can contact the electoral authority in their city or municipality by phone, email, or in person.

How can a postal vote be requested?

Voting documents can still be requested by mail until June 10. Municipalities offer different options for this. Postal ballot documents can be requested via an online application, by email, or in writing using the application on the back of the election notice. The application can also be submitted at postal polling stations in city halls and municipal offices.

How can elections be held if the polling station is not unobstructed?

If you are unable to vote at your polling station but do not want to vote by mail, you can apply for a ballot. You can use the ballot paper to vote at any polling station on Election Day.

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The ballot, also required for mail voting, can be applied for online, by email, or in writing using the documents on the back of the election notice.

Who are the candidates for election?

District Council Candidates:

Sven Liebhauser (CDU), Dr. Rolf Wigan (AfD), Dirk Neubauer (single candidate supported by SPD, Left and Alliance 90/Green)

Mayoral candidates:

Horse wine: Hubert Paßehr (CDU), Jens Tamke (nominated by AfD), Peter Krause (Die Linke), Kristina Gebhardt (nominated by SPD), Nicole Büttner (one candidate), Franco Lehmann (Döbeln Free Democrats), Ruben Grimme ( one filter)

Lessing: Karsten Graf (one candidate supported by SPD, de Linke, Bundnis 90/de Gronin and the Electoral Community), Rüdiger Schulz (CDU), Karsten Muller (one candidate), Enrico Tabert-Freitag (one candidate)

Waldheim: Stephen Ernst (FDP/incumbent), Christian Weisman (AfD), Tobias Bosch (one CDU-backed candidate)

plowing: Ronald Koons (Freelance/Incumbent)

Cripstein: Maria Yoschler (Free Voters Kriebstein/official)

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