Urgent need of care in Libby County

The survey was conducted as an online survey and targeted parents of children in day care centers and parents of existing primary school children in first and second grades. With around 4,500 participants, a very satisfactory participation rate was achieved. The first findings have now been presented to the School Development Working Group as part of their first face-to-face meeting.

High need for care

In general, a High need for care result. So inform Dr. Claudia Baum-Casper and Janine Matisse, who designed and implemented the survey, said that only nine percent of parents surveyed do not explicitly need care beyond purely teaching time if their children attend primary school. 62 percent of parents would like care in an all-day open primary school (OGS), and about a quarter would like care during peak hours or during the day.

The specific need for care contrasts with the care offerings currently available and used by parents: According to information from primary school parents, nearly half of first and second graders currently attend OGS and 22 percent attend outside of business hours or evening care. this is width gap Closing it will be important and challenging for cities and municipalities in the coming years.

Andrea Ruedekamp

Andrea Rudekamp of Leopoldshaw and Thomas Burtong of Limgo on behalf of the Libby School authorities confirm. “The Libby County Regional Education Network would like to continue supporting the municipalities in the process of quantitative expansion and further qualitative development of all-day offerings,” explains Marcus Rembe, Head of Specialized Service for Education and Demography. and future topics in Libby County.

Expansion of places all day long

In addition to the expansion of all-day venues, the qualitative development of all-day offerings is also important. In addition, the survey of parents of primary school children raised some aspects of their satisfaction with the current offerings and the need for improvement. The results show that parents are mostly satisfied with childcare offerings, especially with regard to group sizes, reliability of childcare times or work times. They are less satisfied with activities and learning opportunities. When surveying shows in sponsorship, it appears that in many facilities there are no sports clubs, theater and art groups, or computer and media clubs. However, this is mainly due to restrictions related to corona.

Additional Activities Required

Parents see the greatest need for improvement in expanding creative, artistic and musical activities as well as outdoor activities and trips as well as expanding school support offerings. Parents express little need for a general extension of childcare times. However, two-thirds of parents would like more flexible childcare times. Parents also see room for improvement with regard to childcare options during the school holidays.

The results of the survey can be downloaded from the Internet at www.kreis-lippe.de/elternbefragung-betreuungsbedarf.


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