The Brilliant Yield was really that bad

The big Pokémon GO Fest 2022 took place over the weekend, but not all trainers were satisfied with their returns. Above all, the glossy quota was criticized. So we at MeinMMO wanted to know from you how many shinys were caught and show you how bad the rate really is.

What type of event is this? In Pokémon GO, the big Pokémon GO Fest is held every year. On the 4th and 5th of June, it’s time again, and you can look forward to many more breeds, raids, rewards, and quests.

Above all, ticket holders should have an increased chance of being brilliant, and therefore hope for all kinds of dazzling specimens. But it is precisely this share that is now criticized by many players. We’ll show you what happened.

What are the bright ones? Shinys are a different color from the actual forms of the Pokémon in question. For example, the regular color of Gyarados is blue, and the iridescent one is red. You need a little luck to come across such a specimen, which makes it especially popular with coaches.

The survey shows your brilliant return for GO Fest 2022

During the two-day GO Fest Weekend, Pokémon GO Trainers had plenty of special gifts to enjoy. So there was the super monster Anego in the game for the first time and one dazzling example, like Milza, celebrated his debut.

Anyone who bought a ticket in advance for just under 17 euros can look forward to more goodies and even get to meet the mysterious Pokémon Shaymin. For many coaches, the illustrious high return was especially important.

But even during the event, the bright stake on social networks caused a lot of conversations. Some reported that despite their energetic gameplay, they could hardly catch dazzling monsters.

For this reason, we wanted to know from you how many shinys you picked up at GO Fest 2022 and whether you are traveling with or without a ticket.

Most can catch less than 7 Chinese

So far (as of June 9, 2022, 12:45 PM) a total of 6,666 people have participated in our poll about your brilliant crop. Of these, 5,474 participants stated that they played with a ticket. The remaining 1,192 players were traveling without a ticket.

These are the results: We wanted to know how many shinys you picked up during GO Fest. You have given us the following answers:

  • 1,868 votes (28%) “0 to 3 (with ticket)”
  • 1,486 votes (22%) “4 for 6 (with ticket)”
  • 1,041 votes (16%) “0 to 3 (no ticket)”
  • 934 votes (14%) “7 to 10 (with ticket)”
  • 691 votes (10%) “11 to 20 (with ticket)”
  • 253 votes (4%) “21 to 30 (with ticket)”
  • 242 votes (4%) “Over 30 (with ticket)”
  • 83 votes (1%) “4 to 6 (no ticket)”
  • 37 votes (1%) “7 to 10 (no ticket)”
  • 14 votes (less than 1%) “more than 30 (no ticket)”
  • 10 votes (less than 1%) “11 to 20 (no ticket)”
  • 7 votes (less than 1%) “20-30 (no ticket)”

What does the survey show? From this result, it is clear that the majority of players who have a ticket get less than 7 Chines. The percentage of coaches without a ticket is similar. If you just look at the number of coaches who don’t have a ticket, even 87% of them only get 3 shinys max for the event.

In comparison, only 34% were for coaches with a ticket. Accordingly, the chance of shine for ticket holders was slightly higher than that of players without a ticket. In addition, one can also see from the information that 8% of all survey participants were able to capture more than 20 great samples. Here too, the rate of coaches with a ticket is higher than those without a ticket.

Overall, only a third of coaches (with and without a ticket) were able to capture 7 or more points.

“I’m really frustrated”

The fact that this result is not satisfactory for most coaches can also be seen in the comments within our survey on MeinMMO and in our Facebook group. These vary very widely. While most are not entirely satisfied with the brilliant return, other coaches still find it a successful event. How to read the following comments:

We have modified the grammar and spelling in the comments below for better understanding while reading. The content has not changed.

  • Celine: “Well, I thought about it for a long time and got the ticket anyway … disaster … 2 chinese in two days … very disappointing … some have 5-10 chinese and some 0-3 … … The money was not worth it at all … it’s a pity … and yes, I used smoke and also a lure unit at PokéStop … I walked around a lot, in total it was 25-30 kilometers on Saturday and 15-20 on Sunday … Nothing, just nothing… the opportunity did not increase… never again…”
  • Mr. Silver: “I just bought a ticket for the third time in a row for Go Fest and in the end I have to say: I will never do it again! The chances of Shiny Pokemon are very uneven. I am definitely one of those trainers who easily runs 20 km a day in events like this and captures hundreds Pokemon in the process.However, some trainers (always the same trainers) seem to catch a lot of Shinys and others (always the same trainers) with a similar effort get a maximum of 5 Shiny Pokemon per day. For me I can say: I caught about 900 Pokemon in both The 2 days – 6 of them are shiny. No shiny melsa though over 30 raids and 3 new polishes I haven’t got yet. The other trainers had 40 pieces with the same catch rate. I won’t be involved in this in the future. Better spend the money wisely and wait C-Day with the respective Pokemon.

Pokémon GO Fest 2022 generates a strong reaction: Whether trainers are frustrated or comfortable depends on two factors

  • Sebastian: “I’d be really interested to see how people who don’t catch a single bait are playing with a ticket. Are you sticking with smoke and sitting at home or are you also navigating in a larger area where there are pit stops with bait units? It’s hard to do if you’re playing reasonably well. By itself I found the Shiny-Chance opportunity quite good.The gist of it was simply that as many eggs were available as Shiny-Chance (Mollimorba, Toxiped, Arktip, Gelatini, Tropius, Mime, Qurtel, Golbit, Stalobor, Algitt, Pam-Pam) This was up to 50% of the total ovulation at times, and most of it was smoke.”
  • Darkmagican: “Shinys were in short supply, just right. In such an event, every coach (player) should be relatively satisfied. The assumption is that Niantic forgot to increase the normal ration. It seems that they did not change the normal daily gameplay. Very annoying But it is a little disappointing. The event itself was very handsome. I thought it was a success and there were also a lot of good ideas.”
  • Tiki: “I can’t believe it… really disappointed! With a ticket from my 7 wild shinys, 6 were old (2x Samurzel, 3x Meditie and 1x Bummelz). I was going to promise me over 2 days with a ticket, I ran a full 8 hours on Saturday “.
  • Klaus S: “That was the worst thing that happened.”
  • Dane S: “Honestly, we thought the event was really cool! On Sundays there are many[EPs]in raids and 2 rocket parts apart from that, in addition to 2 new monsters, there are also 2 regional monsters that We didn’t have it yet. We had fun!”

Spawning time is too short: Another point of criticism that appears again and again in the comments is the short time of appearance of the monsters in question. There are many reports on social networks that a Pokemon in smoke only appeared for a few seconds and immediately disappeared when you clicked on it.

There’s even a separate meme circulating on reddit under the name “Promotional Image Minute”:

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EricMeqithorn also wrote on MeinMMO: “The short spawning time from the smoke in particular really bothered me. I was only able to catch a few of them.”

It cannot be said whether the poor glossy ration is related to this short breeding time. Niantic has yet to comment on criticism of the illustrious low yield. If there is any new information on this topic, you will find out from us on MeinMMO.

How satisfied are you with the brilliant return of GO Fest 2022? Write it to us in the comments and share ideas with other coaches.

There’s a lot more coming in Pokémon GO in the coming weeks. We’ll show you all the events in June and the ones worth attending.

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