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There are a lot of things to consider to have a comfortable flight at Cologne Airport / Bonn Airport. (Archive photo) © Federico Gambarini / dpa

Lately there have been long queues and waiting times at Cologne/Bonn Airport. 24RHEIN provides an overview of what you should consider at check-in and at security checks.

Cologne – For two years there has been little going on at the airports of North Rhine-Westphalia. After all, few flights flew abroad during the pandemic, and flights were scarce. Corona incidents are declining again, people want to travel – and the number of passengers at airports is increasing. But the pandemic “still has an impact on complex operations,” Cologne/Bonn airport wrote on its website. What should be considered when departing from Cologne Airport / Bonn Airport?

Waiting time at Cologne / Bonn Airport: security check and check-in

The increase in passenger numbers led to long queues at Cologne/Bonn Airport. “Therefore, there can be longer waiting times, especially at busy times,” says the airport. So travelers should already Two and a half to two hours before departure at the airport Be advised the airport.

Important: You must select the check-in time, security checks, and search for the correct gate. Since the departure gates can be changed in a short time, passengers should pay attention to the advertisements and watch the shows.

Waiting times at Cologne/Bonn Airport

Recently there have been long queues and long waiting times at the security check at Cologne/Bonn airport during Pentecost. The Federal Police is responsible for the so-called aviation security oversight. Specially trained personnel from a security service provider are deployed for this purpose. Travelers also had to be patient at Düsseldorf Airport – sometimes they had to wait more than an hour at the security check. Especially with the approach of the summer vacation, which begins on June 27, can aggravate the situation again.

Cologne Airport / Bonn Airport: waiting times – how quickly is the security check carried out?

Tips for a short wait at the security checkpoint

► If possible, do not take any liquids with you (limit per pack: 100ml)

► Put electronic devices on top of your handbag

► Put small items from trouser pockets in your handbag

Cologne Airport / Bonn Airport has some tips on how to pass security checks quickly and easily. Small items such as watches, keys, and wallets should be put in your purse or jacket pocket before the check begins. Beverage bottles should ideally be empty – or not taken at all. If you still have to take fluids with you, you can get a specially designed bag from a machine in front of the control area. Maximum value per pack: 100ml.

In order to simplify check-ins even more, you can store electronic devices such as tablets and laptops as high as possible when you pack your luggage. During the examination, technical devices are taken from the handbag for examination. This saves the security staff and yourself having to search in bags and backpacks. The jacket or coat should be placed separately from baggage in one of the basins used for x-rays.

Cologne/Bonn International Airport: How to check in online?

  • Online check-in at Cologne/Bonn International Airport:
  • Eurowings: 72 hours before departure (excluding Eurowings Discover, then 23 hours)
  • easyJet: 30 days before departure
  • Ryan Airlines: 60 days before departure

Some airlines also allow you to check in from home. On the other hand, this saves time – and of course also stress. In addition, passengers can choose the best seat on the plane for themselves and their fellow passengers for an additional fee.

Eurowings: how does the evening check-in work in Cologne?

  • Check-in the night before: Eurowings
  • switch 118
  • Opening hours: 6 pm to 8 pm

The flight from Cologne Airport / Bonn Airport will be especially stress-free if you no longer have to check in your luggage. Eurowings offers a simple solution to this: drop your luggage the evening before so you have one thing to worry about on the day of departure. In Cologne / Bonn, check-in the night before for all flights is possible until 12 noon the next day. Counter 118 is open from 6 PM to 8 PM in the evening before check-in. Eurowings also recommends using online check-in before dropping your luggage.

Eurowings, Ryanair, Lufthansa: these airlines fly from Cologne / Bonn

  • Air Arabia Morocco
  • Austria
  • blue sky
  • Bulgarian Air Charter
  • Cordon Airlines
  • Euro Wings
  • Freebird Airlines
  • Iran Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Pobeda Airlines
  • Ryan Air
  • Sun Express
  • Toy Fly
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Wizz Air

What is the best parking space at Cologne/Bonn Airport?

There are 12,500 parking spaces at Cologne/Bonn Airport, spread over three multi-storey car parks. The airport recommends booking 24 hours before parking starts. Please note: The minimum parking time for reservation is 48 hours. Anyone who has not reserved a parking space can use the parking guidance system to identify vacant spaces.

  • Car Park 1 (P1): In Terminal 1
  • Car Park 2 (P2): In Terminal 2
  • Multi-storey car park 3 (P3): about 350 m walk from Terminal 2
  • North car park (suitable for large cars): about 150m walking distance from Terminal 2

Anyone traveling to Cologne/Bonn International Airport by motorcycle can park in multi-storey car park 2, on the 4th floor in sector D. However, motorcyclists should note not to drive through the barrier as usual, but to contact the parking garage staff using the voice function at the entrance. This is how you get to the motorcycle safety zone.

How to get to Cologne/Bonn airport by bus and train?

Anyone arriving at Cologne/Bonn Airport with an ICE station will land in the middle of the airport. From Cologne, take KVB line 7 to Boers Markt and then take bus line 161 to the airport. Alternatively, you can travel with the RB27 or the S19. From the other direction, you can reach Cologne/Bonn Airport via Bonn Central Station, among other ways. From there, the Express Bus Line 60 goes to Cologne/Bonn Airport with only a few stops. (conscience)

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