Rollerdrome makes my fun sports and shooting dreams come true

We introduce you to Rollerdrome in more detail.

studio: 7 . roll Release: August 16, 2022 Platforms: PS4, PS5, PC Type: Sports game / shooter

I love the special action in video games. I’m a fan of sports, original art styles and also somehow the ’80s. Oh, and I also love being able to shoot everything short and small in games. Accordingly, I was stunned when Rollerdrome was surprisingly announced at the State of Play in early June.

The title was developed by English studio Roll7, which makes me (at least internally) confident stylistically in the air. Recently the developers have proven with the fun game OlliOlli World that they can combine the original look and great action to create an addictive gameplay loop.

This is what Rollerdrome is all about

Rollerdrome transports us to a dystopian future. In 2030, the world must be distracted from increasingly harsh politics with a new blood sport: Rollerdrome of the same name. Here, participants face different enemies in crazy arenas, don skate shoes and perform crazy tricks while eliminating one enemy after another.

Rollerdrome is based on roller skates and guns - a good combination!

Rollerdrome is based on roller skates and guns – a good combination!

The focus will likely be on the hunt for high scores, but there will also be a back story. In it, we play as new rollercoaster rival Kara Hassan, who is trying to survive in the arena as more and more details emerge about the government and regulators.

What makes the game so special?

In short: aesthetics. Rollerdrome sounds like a fever dream for an 80s ice rink owner who read a lot of comics. The characters and arenas are colorful and hand-drawn, and the soundtrack is reminiscent of science fiction films of the time.

On the other hand, the gameplay looks very promising. Basically, the whole thing seems to be controlled like a fun sports title á la Tony Hawk. We arrange jumps and tricks together to create combos and score as many points as possible. However, at the same time, we have to dodge the attacks of the enemies and initiate the attack ourselves.

Aesthetically speaking, the Rollerdrome sets off a real spectacle.

Aesthetically speaking, the Rollerdrome sets off a real spectacle.

Tricks have another important benefit. This is the only way we can collect new ammo for various weapons. There must be a large number of them. Rifles, grenade launchers and automatic cannons were confirmed, and at least more exotic weapons could be imagined.

If we dodge at the right moment, we also activate a short slow motion, where we can then shoot our opponents in the best Max Payne way. And the crazy combination of all these elements clearly distinguishes Rollerdrome from other games in this genre, at least according to first impressions.

Here you can watch Rollerdrome in action:

Rollerdrome - Skate like Tony Hawk and shoot like Max Payne in the new action game


Rollerdrome – Skate like Tony Hawk and shoot like Max Payne in the new action game

Who is the interesting Rollerdrome?

From the first impression, their field of view should consider all those rollers who can do something with shooting games and/or fun sports. For me, Roll7 means a great gaming experience with high replay value. Even if you like the aesthetics and settings, the game might be worth checking out.

You probably shouldn’t expect a very broad story though. With OlliOlli World too, the gameplay was pretty straight forward, and the story was basically a lubricant between the individual levels. I expect the same from Rollerdrome, although of course I like to be surprised.

It can also be assumed that there will be some form of online leaderboard or something similar again. So if you enjoy playing levels over and over again and master the gameplay, you should check out August 16 Be sure to mark it on the calendar.

editorial assessment

Jonas Hermann
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With the cohesive ’80s beats and great motions, Rollerdrome himself jumped from nothing to the top of my 2022 wish list in 1:23 minutes. Because that’s exactly how long the ad can run, which you’ve seen over and over since State of Play.

If the final game confirms a good first impression and Roll7 stays true to its own direction, I’ll definitely be wearing virtual snowboard boots for several weeks starting in August. See you on the hunt for the high score!

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