Online Auction Mercedes 560 SEC Koenig Special Offers

A very special Mercedes is currently for sale via the online auction platform: the 560 SEC with a wide body kit from a famous manufacturer.

Anyone who deals with the legendary Munich tuner Koenig Specials always embarks on a journey through time. the cars? Pure eighties and nineties nostalgia. The company’s website, which is now known as R. König GmbH according to the trade register, takes you back a few decades. In the early days of the World Wide Web, when images were pixelated and colors were limited, fonts were more diverse. Those were the times when the limits of technology and good taste were explored.

Before the internet started its victory rally, Willie Koenig’s team was doing just fine. The dazzling personalities were more than happy to adorn themselves with cars like this wide-body coupe based on the Mercedes 560 SEC (126 C series), which is currently being auctioned off via the online auction platform Auctomobile. The Munich special was the wide fender body kits that had to use the extreme wheel kits to adequately fill them. Our filter here, built in 1989, rolls on 13.5-by-18-inch rear rims, which are shrouded in 335/30 tires. Up front, there are almost no stunning 9.5×18-inch rounds with 275/35 tires.

One of about 100 real konig specials

According to the seller, this is not a later converted Mercedes, but an original example from Koenig Specials, of which there were only about 100 in total. The first delivery in Dubai took place in a private collector’s garage. The current owner of the 560 SEC, who lives in the Czech Republic, bought it there, who had a problem during transportation: due to its dimensions, the Koenig-Benz did not fit into the outer container, which is why he was on his new home by plane. This should also be beneficial in other ways, as it prevents salty moisture from settling on the high seas and leading to rust problems in the long run.


Dark blue is also the preferred interior color for the Mercedes 560 SEC from Koenig Specials.

Pictures posted on the Auctomobile by a dealer in Brno indicate the condition of the old car. Also in terms of mileage: the speedometer has barely crossed the 20,000 mark. The midnight blue still shines brightly; The interior, which also has dark blue materials and classic wood, seems to have struggled hard in the 33 years of the coupe’s long, wide and low profile. When it comes to equipment, the first owner did not skimp: “Once everything, please!” Looks like it was the motto here. Charming details are the hardware with the company logo and scale in a zigzag line.

Benz wide body car with 279 horsepower original

Technically, Koenig’s specials haven’t changed anything. Since this is the catalytic converter version, the 5,547 cc V8 engine produces 279 hp. The maximum torque of 430 Nm is transmitted to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic transmission. The chain-link driving performance (from zero to one hundred in 7.2 seconds, 240 km/h top speed) should apply to the Koenig version of the Mercedes 560 SEC.

The online auction of the Mercedes 560 SEC from Koenig Specials runs until the beginning of July. Estimated price in the range of 150,000 and 200,000 euros. If the classic wide-body car does not find a new owner by the end of the auction, the Czech dealer will offer the car at a fixed price of 135,000 euros.

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The opportunity to buy a real 560 SEC from Koenig Specials doesn’t come around very often. The price seems somewhat justified given the very good condition and low mileage. The original Mercedes 560 SEC with such low mileage and high condition isn’t much cheaper at the moment.

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