New Recordings Top 50 May 2022

Several Volkswagen models are at the front, with the Fiat 500 and Opel Corsa in between. Regardless, the SUV crept ahead.

There is continuity at the top of the new German enrollment charts. At the top in May 2022 – of course – the VW Golf, able to extend its lead compared to April. Behind it, the Passat falls from second to fourth place, with the VW T-Roc and Opel Corsa models moving in one position each. The Fiat 500 is fifth again and firmly in the first group.

Did the Ford Kuga succeed too? Anyway, the SUV showed a strong performance in May and jumped from 15th place the previous month to 6th place. Cologne has a whopping 3,484 new registrations; In the past four months the average was only 1919. The numbers for the Mini, BMW 3 Series and Seat Leon are similarly strong, each climbing at least ten spots. The performance of the VW Transporter, which ended up in the top ten again, is fantastic again. The Fiat Ducato may also succeed with 2,990 new registrations. As a purely commercial vehicle, however, they do not come in order here.

A little movement also in the back field

There is also a little movement in the bottom of the top 50. As in April, this ends with the Audi A6 and its sporty derivatives. However, this statistical specificity would have been missed by a hair’s breadth: the BMW X5 in 49th place has only one new registration. The Opel Mokka (35), Hyundai i30 (40) and Mercedes GLB (42), which ended up in exactly the same situations as in April, also appear to be nailed down compared to the previous month.

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The most popular electric car in May is the Opel Corsa E, whose new registration numbers are included in the numbers for the entire series. Upstart Tesla fails once again to put a car in the top 50 list in May. Only the otherwise strong Form 3 is included in the statistics with 181 new registrations, and the weaker Form Y (112). Therefore it is dedicated to the VW ID.4 and its ID 5 Coupe to arrive as the best pure electric car series. Combined, electricians, who are statistically scored together by the KBA, take 31st place, clearly ahead of the platform brother ID.3.

New Recordings Top 50 May 2022

place Model new recordings
1 Volkswagen Golf 6.197
2 Volkswagen T-ROC 5273
3 Opel Corsa 5.102
4 Volkswagen Passat 3944
5 Fiat 500 3,503
6 Ford Kuga 3,484
7 Mini Mini 3,473
VIII Volkswagen Transporter 3,369
9 Volkswagen T-Cross 3.309
10 BMW 3 Series 2859
11 Seat Leon 2,827
12 Volkswagen Tiguan 2800
13 Volkswagen Polo 2,759
14 Mercedes C-Class 2,605
15th seat stabilizer 2562
16 Toyota Yaris 2,550
17 BMW X3 2548
18 Audi Q3 2499
19 Audi A3, S3, RS3 2,444
20 Opel Astra 2,384
21 Mercedes E-Class 2,265
22 Kia CEED 2.224
23 Volkswagen UP 2.223
24 Ford Puma 2.215
25 Audi Q5 2.169
26 Hyundai Kona 2,027
27 Skoda Fabia 2,005
28 Mercedes GLK, GLC 1955
29 Skoda Karoq 1,938
30 BMW X1 1873
31 Volkswagen ID.4, ID.5 1,849
32 BMW 1ER 1,846
33 Volkswagen Taygo 1,843
34 Kia Sportage 1,838
35 Opel Mokka 1,761
36 Opel Crossland X 1,740
37 Mercedes V-CLASS 1,496
38 Audi A4, S4, RS4 1,483
39 Ford Focus 1480
39 Skoda Octavia 1480
40 HYUNDAI I 30 1,422
41 Volvo XC60 1418
42 Mercedes GLB 1,412
43 Skoda Kodiaq 1,382
44 Volkswagen ID.3 1,356
45 Renault Twingo 1,347
46 Hyundai Tucson 1,335
47 Dacia spring 1,326
48 BMW 5 Series 1,289
49 BMW X5 1,279
50 Audi A6, S6, RS6 1,278


Factors such as the Ukraine war, the chip crisis, and the resulting bottlenecks in production and delivery currently make the new car market unpredictable. However, VW has managed to position itself broadly in the top domain. With the Opel Corsa and the Fiat 500, two small cars from other manufacturers are at the top, which benefit above all from the strong performance of the electric-only model variants. It remains to be seen if the Ford Kuga will also be in the top ten in the long term.

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