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Jaylen Brown was holding his right shoulder, his expression in confusion and annoyance. He looked like a teenager getting a tattoo for the first time and realizing with his first needle stick how bad it would hurt. Somehow, this is what happened: the Boston Celtics guard was involved in a struggle with Draymond Green, and the Golden State Warriors wing is a kind of NBA tattoo artist: he sticks needles and in the end it is under the skin of his opponent, then it will not go away.

It’s interesting what Brown did next, as it helps explain why the Celtics won Game Three of the Finals Series 116-110: He wasn’t groaning, but he also didn’t give the idiot Max that so many do in a head-to-head encounter. – Head with Green tried and failed miserably. Brown did absolutely nothing. He wiped his shoulder, got up and kept playing as if nothing had happened.

The Boston Celtics’ handling of this Draymond Green should be crucial to their best-of-seven streak results – so it’s worth watching the instigator over a full game and not just studying the scenes that can be seen in the highlights: this brawl with Brown, the provocative foul against Grant Williams with sarcastic applause, trash talk against Brown after block crash. These are the moments that made Brown say “twelve” when asked where he would rate Green’s nerve agent on a scale of one to ten.

At the start of the last quarter, Green had five fouls – Brown took advantage of that

There are scenes in which he wants to hide from the skin of the opponent. He puts the needle pricks in front of her. It would be wrong to see Green as just a grumpy wrecker, only because the Warriors didn’t pay him $25 million this year. It’s the only reason he hasn’t won three NBA titles and two Olympic golds, and the only reason he’s not been selected on the All-Star Team four times. Since Green is an NBA walking record, he knows every stat, every little idiosyncrasy of an opponent. One hears from his colleagues that he deals extensively with the psychology of athletes.

Jaylen Brown handled Green’s provocations very well.

(Photo: Michael Dwyer/The Associated Press)

So green is not just a tattoo; He created small artworks, as Dennis Rodman once did with the Detroit Pistons and later with the Chicago Bulls. Rodman was a record player too, he got excited about those mental struggles. With Green, this also includes a feeling for when he has to put his needle on, when he can set a stitch, and when the ink should be flowing – because with this gameplay it’s also clear: a few misses and the picture is totally messed up.

This was exactly what was noted in this third match: when the Warriors were conspicuously late in the first half, Green sparked a small brawl; Shortly thereafter he got two beautiful passes and the Warriors remained. In the second half and then this minute, when opponents get a green tattoo: bounce, then block the path for sniper Curry. Hit from behind the three-point line and a foul is committed intentionally, ie: an additional free throw in addition to possession of the ball, resulting in another three points. Seven quick points. With the next ball possession, Green again blocked Curry: three more. Suddenly, the Golden State Warriors were driving. Opponents usually seem confused and upset, grumble or protest – and lose in that moment.

How do you deal with a tattoo artist who has almost perfected his art in nine professional years? Well, you have to walk the line that Green goes, always on the border between a game-changing action and a technical bug or even a comment. You have to be brave and provoke Greene to lying tricks; You have to pull your shoulder away when it hits a painful area. It sounds easy, but it’s so hard, Brown drew his own artwork for Green’s tackle on Wednesday night.

Fans insult Green and shout, “Damn you, Draymond.”

Not reacting to provocations (colleague Williams, on the other hand, was close to straining the carotid artery twice), Greene bravely and tirelessly attacked. This resulted in Green collecting one error, another, and another. But Green needs freedom of action – he knows, for example, that no referee in the world will fire him for arguing with an opponent during a Finals series. Despite the warning, keep talking, Green knows exactly what he’s doing.

But now he had five mistakes early in the last quarter, so it was like the tattooist ran out of ink and Brown took advantage of that. Continuing to attack, the Celtics pulled away, and with more than four minutes to go, there were six dirty greens, and he went out, and the relief felt by the Boston fans was reflected in the highest esteem received by the sports fans: They insulted him and yelled “Fuck you, dude.” Draymond”.

Green smiled when he heard that. I lost that match, of course, but he looked like he already knew what he wanted to do in the next game on Saturday night. Then the tattoo artist starts again without errors, that is, with a well-filled needle.

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