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The outcome of his last competitive match at Hill North was irrelevant, and sentiment won. After 14 years at SG Flensburg-Handewitt, Lasse Svan is ending his brilliant career – and was celebrated with gusto on Wednesday night.

by Jan Kirchner

When Lacey Svan grabs the microphone, his voice is cut off. Not because SG lost 21:24 (7:9) against HC Bergish. But due to the numerous praises from the club’s management, the video clips of his impressive career and the warm applause of the fans leave only a trace for him.

“When I made the decision a few months ago to quit my career, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to say something now,” he admits. “I thought there was enough time to think about something. But the last few days have been hell.” In every quiet moment his thoughts revolve: What will happen? How is that? And above all: what was it?

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For two decades, the Dane kept the bones in professional handball. He made 652 appearances for Saint-Germain, scored nearly 2,500 goals and won every title there. Now, at 38, it’s over. In August, Svan entered the “Hall of Fame” in Flensburg for the farewell match.

Latest hit in “Hell North”

On Wednesday in his last home game, Hill North raged even before a throw-in. He has been the captain of Schleswig-Holstein since the summer of 2019 and is the first to arrive. And even then, fans enthusiastically cheer each veteran’s good work. “Once upon a time Flensburg, always Flensburg,” fans chanted, and in the east wing family and friends wore white T-shirts with gold lettering – “Svan”.

When the right wing hits the ball in the second half, the mood is at the boiling point. Then he even allows himself to be convinced to throw a penalty kick, his first in years – and rejects it. Did not matter. The party continues. Even when he came back through the tunnel after the match, his two children were on his hand, teammates Humpus One and Marius Steinhauser, who also said goodbye.

Painful memories of SG’s first goal

Svan reports that he has an emotional turmoil, but is not as tense as he was 14 years ago when he first played for SG – in a match against Balingen. He can remember it well: “For my first goal, I went through the backcourt and got hit in the chest. It hurt – but the ball was in the goal.” He quickly became a regular player and contributed to Flensburg being among the top national and European teams again since 2012.

Lasse Svan throw from Flensburg © IMAGO / Beautiful Sports

Always high stakes: Lasse Svan.

Saint-Germain won the UEFA Champions League, the German Championship twice, the DHB Cup and the European Cup Winners’ Cup. All major titles have been won by Svan at least once. The left-handed once said, “I’ve always wanted to get better.” “Even at 30 or 32, I wasn’t satisfied with the level I had reached, but I still saw potential.” Now the priorities have changed. “I want to organize my days myself,” he says.

Svan: “Awesome, great, great pride”

Sfan had already celebrated his departure from the national team a few weeks ago. With Denmark he was a two-time world champion, a European champion and an Olympic champion once each. On Thursday, he played his last 246 international matches in Copenhagen. The clear victory over Poland was followed by the official award. A special moment: “Awesome, awesome, great pride—I have to use all of those words to describe this moment,” Svan raves today. “When I finally got home, I had nothing to be sorry about. It was just the right time to stop.”

Another game until retirement

After the last Bundesliga match on Sunday in Füchsen Berlin it is finally over. Then the 38-year-old wants to go on vacation with family and friends first and foremost. From August, a new stage of life begins in Kolding, where the family already lives. Svan would like to work as a mental coach, he completed his training years ago: “I didn’t learn much about handball there, but I do learn more about how I behave on and off the field.”

The most important lesson: how to overcome a drop. “Every competitive athlete encounters such a low level at some point. Falling short of it can make the difference between reaching the highest level or just being second-tier.” Svan, in turn, does not know them. He played at the highest level for 20 years.

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Lacey Svan from Flensburg with a jump shot.  © imagos images / Beautiful Sports Photo: Mario M. Koberg

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