Ivy – Die Kulturrundschau from 09.06.2022 | Nikolai Evrenov’s 1941 play The Steps of Nemesis about the Moscow Show Trials

A scene from the movie “Our Lady of Heaven”

distance Muslim activists protest cinema series cinema world Ellie King removed ‘Lady Sky’ from the program ‘to ensure the safety of our employees and the public’, according to a report guardians. The film announces that it is the first Muhammed’s face Appears even if dim guardiansReviewers find it difficult to clearly identify Muhammad in the large number of actors. Malik Schlebek, executive producer of the film, said: guardiansthat cinemas should “stand up and stand up for their right to show films that the public wants to see. … This is an artistic attempt to talk and think about history and religion, which always leads to a plethora of different approaches and interpretations. This is normal and healthy. We are so welcome and welcome.” It’s when people express their opinions, whether they are for or against this movie. But what we don’t support and what we strongly oppose is what people are trying to do here: the other Sgt And the dictate“What we can and can’t see in UK cinemas.”

Compact Press: Léa Seydoux as France in “France”

With “France” takes the director Bruno Dumont Targeting the media industry nowadays, which is fueled by social media: ya Seduce Here he plays a television journalist named France, who likes to help reality with assessments – sometimes immediately in crisis areas. This character is “doing his profession” honestly scary Outside. The world exists to fulfill its desire to put itself in the spotlight,” Gerhard Medding wrote in Friday. But Dumont “knows the images of his enemy well. So the leeway he gives himself is limited. It is not necessary to reveal France first, it is from the beginning.” monster Designation. Her first name alone is pretentious enough. drawing “be”approx misogynyIt looks a little different. FAZCritic Andreas Kelb: “The camera is trying to hate Léa Seydoux, but it doesn’t work.” Keep this ‘duel’ to the end Cute unpredictability“.

“erosion” was observed pearl diver Stephanie Dickman, which, however, “cannot be described as a depersonalization or as a purification, but as a long-running process in which what was once Very good work It loses all its color and allure.” Even the most existential insecurities remain a part of it great accountWhich irritates his fans,” says Christian Betz daily mirror firmly. Despite slight reservations, Arabelle Wintermayr appears in taz Enthusiasm: “A more contemporary, fun, and appropriate account with a pervasive variety of press that first appeared as Scene Understand does not exist.”

From outsider to internet star: “Belle”

What happens when reality turns into a world of Reality and Avatars It slips, that’s what the Japanese director says Mamoru Hosoda In the new animated film “Belle” using motifs from “Beauty and the Beast”. In this “excessively imaginative madness of images”, the director once again proves “that he is one of the The most complex and experimental anime directors present”, Jochen Werner is excited at pearl diver. Hosoda’ leads the controversy with the deathAnd the Loss And the Sadneswhich is featured in all of his films, is broader than ever: “Belle” is Hosoda’s most shocking film, and the material he wrestles with in the second half is heavy and darkRobert Wagner wrote: “Do not skimp on feelings critic: “The comic and emotional Hosoda boils down to once again to achieve one again haunting dutybecause the visual richness and the flourishing of the narrative complement each other perfectly.”

Sabine Hurst looks more skeptical about a file time On the film: “This cyber world was created entirely on the computer with the help of international studios, from the uniforms, the towering, perfectly computed architecture to the ubiquitous gleaming effects to the annoying perfect porcelain face heroine. An elaborate look that’s nearly impossible to achieve with traditional Japanese animation frame by frame, a look that is far from the familiar style of art house animation. In the end, everything is cool, like fairy tales, what you see here is also an economic experience: anime Under the pressure of globalizationspurred on by his success. Daniel Kuthenshult has FR Talk to the director. More reviews at taz And the daily mirror.

More articles: Thomas Appelchuzer talks to Mexican director for Taz Mikhail Franco around it (in FR Discuss) the movie “The Sun” and the political situation in his country. in that Pasolini-line for hypothetical Ronald Paul reflects on the discourses of the body in the films of the Italian director.

will discuss Jessica Crompacher “On the death of my mother” (Teaspoon), Abel Ferrara It was released on the exciting DVD movie “Zeros and Ones” (critic), the new movie “Jurassic World” (hypotheticalAnd the FAZAnd the TimeOnlineAnd the SZ), The Disney– “Mrs. Marvel” series (FAZ) and the sitcom “How I Met Your Father” (TimeOnline), plus, SZ tells us which movies are worth watching this week and which aren’t.

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