Golf: The LIV Series as an ordeal for the sport?

Status: 06/09/2022 06:00 AM

Today begins a new series of golf tournaments. The LIV . series It attracts with standard prize money – financed by the Saudi State Fund. It looks like Superstar Tiger Woods turned down an incredible amount and stayed on the PGA Tour. Golf seems to be at a crossroads.

It’s not as if the entry of millions of dollars and prize money is something new in professional golf. The sums are now being discussed in a whole new dimension.

American superstar Tiger Woods is said to have been offered $100 million to participate in the newly created Golf Leaf series. The new tournament format begins today in London and attracts the biggest stars in the scene with very expensive money. Funded by the owners of power in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tiger Woods: “There’s a lot of money to be made here too”

Tiger Woods rejected the unethical offer that he would continue playing on the PGA Tour, the United States Tour that hosts most of golf’s biggest and most lucrative tournaments to date. “I believe in the legacy and what the tour has to offer. There is a lot of money to be made hereExplanation of 15 times pioneer-winner.

But in golf, the debate over money from Saudi Arabia has long become an open dispute. The US Tour has announced that it wants to ban all players for life from PGA tournaments if they start with the new LIV format.

The US Open also wants to allow LIV Series participants to start

organizers US Open, to me pioneerYesterday, which takes place in Brooklyn next week, he said players competing in the Saudi Tour will also be allowed to retain their starting rights. The US Open is organized by the American Golf Association, an organization independent of American PGA Actions.

The announced regulations affect, among other things, top German golfer Martin Kaymer or former world number one Dustin Johnson. Both will compete today in London at the premiere of the LIV Series. As per the USGA’s decision, both will also be allowed to play the US Open next week.

“Sport” for the regime in Saudi Arabia?

“Our eligibility criteria were set before registrations opened this year, and it is neither appropriate nor fair for participants to change the criteria once they are establishedThe US Open organizers explained.

However, the criticisms of the new formula for the championship do not stop. The PGA fears that it will have to share its almost undisputed position as the world’s most important golf chain and therefore its income as well. Several players argue with ethical concerns about the multiple human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.

The accusation: The Saudi regime, which is providing crazy money to the LIV series through a government fund, wants to use the illustrious event for “sportswashing” – that is, the oppression of women, the numerous executions in their country, or deliberate persecution. Gay distraction. In addition, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is accused of ordering the murder of regime critic Jamal Khashoggi.

Mickelson returns to golf after a five-month hiatus

Even Phil Mickelson, Tiger Wood’s longtime rival, called LIV’s string pullers “terrifying bastards” in an interview. I apologize later.

However, the 51-year-old American is at the beginning of the LIV series in luxury Centurion golf club Near London today is back after five months of rest in professional golf. Mickelson justified himself and said the championship series was one “A unique opportunity to change the way the PGA Tour operates.”

What is certain is that even the PGA’s prize money can’t keep up with the LIV’s. In the first tournament alone, 48 participants will be paid $25 million, even the last of them can look forward to $120,000.

The prominent field of participants at the beginning of LIV

Reason enough for many golf stars to join the LIV Series. In addition to Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Martin Kaymer, the Spaniard Sergio Garcia and the Englishman Lee Westwood are also playing today.

Westwood stated some time ago: “It’s my job. I work for money. If someone approaches and offers you a raise, you should think about it.”

Dustin Johnson said, until a few months ago is still the leader in the world rankings, in BBC: “I don’t want to play for the rest of my life. It gives me the opportunity to do what I want to do.” A sensational statement by a professional golfer who has already earned around $75 million in prize money in his career.

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