German Dressage and Jumping Championships in Balve, Nations Cup in Sopot and others –

All eyes are on the sleepy town of Balve in Sauerland these days. The German dressage and jumping championships will be held this weekend. In addition, it is about the Cup of Nations in Sopot, the golden mantle in the horses and bushes.

“Longines Balve Optimum” with the German Dressage and Jumping Championships, Piaff-Förderpreis and the U25 Showjumping Cup from June 8 to 12 in Balve

For the second time at Balve, the U25 dressage riders are also fighting for the National titles in Grand Prix and Freestyle. Defending the title is Ann-Catherine Lindner, whose Sunfire has been sold in the meantime. Since being named German showjumping champion last year, Tobias Meyer’s success curve has been rising sharply. The first start to the prestigious World Champions Tour was already very successful with victories and preparations. The million-dollar stallion Holsteiner Verband, German showjumping champion Sophie Heiners, will try to show off in Balfi with her current top horse. And with Jessica von Prideaux-Werendl’s current baby break, things are likely to be very exciting in the ring.

Additionally, more tickets for the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal Finals and U25 Show Jumping Cup are at stake.

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Golden Ribbon (Horses) June 9-12 in two colors

The golden mantle of the horse riders was already awarded last weekend, and now it’s the turn of the great horse riders.


International Events Championship June 9-12 in Westerstede
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Official International Jumping Championships (CSIO5*-NC) June 9-12 in Sopot / Poland

In 2021, Sopot made a particularly good place for the German Nations Cup team, as it was enough to win the five-star jump bid in two rounds. National coach Otto Becker has assigned top-tier pairs to the next stage of the Nations Cup series.

Christian Kocock (Horstel); Tobias Mayer (Germany); Jan Friedrich Mayer Zimmermann (Bainberg), Andre Thiem (Blau am See); Philip Weishaupt (Hörstel).
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CSIO5 * Sopot: Germany's show jumpers win the FEI Nations Cup with a perfect score

International Show Jumping and Dressage Championships (CSI3*/2*/CDI3*) June 9-12 at Geesteren/NED
CSI3*: Nina Piasecki (Moenchengladbach); Uwe Schmitz (Nate Valley).
CSI2*: Pia-Louis Aufrecht-Brügenk (Germany); Alexander Kernik (Gronau).
CDI3 *: Sophia Funk (Capelin).
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International Show Jumping (CSI3*) from June 8 to 12 in Gorla Minore / ITA
Mark Pettinger (Germany); Tiara Bleacher (Munich); Joel Eehinger (Riesburg); Katherine Schlosser (Stuttgart); Simon Weidmann (Swabia Market).
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International Show Jumping (CSI3*) June 8-11 at Opglabbeek / BEL
Daniel Deuser (Germany); Janina Dinaware (Espuerin); Jens Hilbert (Darmstadt); Marin Hoffmann (Mönchengladbach); Nice Lüneburg (Heitlingen); Jana Wargers (Emsdeten).
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Dressage International Championships (CDI3 *) June 10-12 in Samorin / SVK
Ramona Gear (Germaringen); Sabine Rubin (Würselen).
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International Driving Contest (CAI3*-H4 WCupQ/3*-H2) June 9-12 in Valkenswaard/NED
CAI3*-H4: Michael Brauchley (Allen); Mariki Harm (Negro boats); Rene Boncin (Eschweiler); Anna Sandman (Laden); Christoph Sandmann (Laden); Georg von Stein (Modau Valley).
CAI3*-H2: Max Berlage (Nettetal); Dennis Schneider (Petershagen); Jörg Zwers (Amelchheim).
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Other tournaments (*/**) abroad with German participation:
CSI 2 * / 1 * / YH / Kronenberg / NED June 8-12;
CSI 2*/1* Sancourt/FRA June 9-12;

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