BVB: Schlotterbeck – ‘He could have earned more at other clubs’ – BORUSSIA DORTMUND

Sport Bild: Mr. Schlutterbeek, this DFB . Team Recently on a team evening I tried to play drums together The League of Nations agree. How do you feel about the rhythm?

Nico Schlutterbeek (22): I’m not exactly musically talented. But it was so much fun, the team evening really sticks together. The drumming is not something I will pursue extensively anymore…

Do you notice that the team spirit is developing towards the 2022 World Cup?

Both the team and the team behind the team make for a great unit for sure. We train hard, but we also have a lot of freedom, here at Adidas we give up the courts: whether it’s tennis or the cornhole. Coexist well, the soul is created.

I have played only a few international matches, but it is difficult to imagine the national team without it.

This is surreal to me. I’ve only played 65 Bundesliga matches, and a few international matches, but I feel like I’m a full part of the national team. I have participated in every Hansi Flick training course and I feel completely part of it. However, I must continue to confirm my performance in the daily league, and then hopefully in the World Cup. If I’m in the Qatar squad, I’m also hoping to get a chance to start. I try to add value to the team whether I’m challenging or not.


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Your confidence is always highlighted. According to the motto: Even if a player is undermined from behind, a goal is scored in front! Where do you get that selfie, why doesn’t anything make you nervous?

This is how it has evolved over the years. Despite everything, I must admit: when rumors of a change appeared at the end of the season, I made a few other mistakes. It wasn’t easy for me to focus only on football. Basically, I’m a guy with a lot of self-confidence. Because of the good matches, my self-confidence continued to rise. I entered the flow. So came matches like the second half of the season against Wolfsburg (3-2 Freiburg win; ed.): First, I got my back, then hit the ball in front. Everything united. But what I love the most is: No mistakes, no goals. I want to focus on defense and I want the attackers to score goals.

When did I click for you? Did that come with moving to Union Berlin in 2020?

That was the most important step in my career so far. I rarely played in Freiburg the year before, I asked myself a lot of questions: “Do I blame? Does the coach have something against me?” I started relatively well in the union, then had two injuries. Then I found a great connection with some guys, including Loris Karius. Then he introduced me to the world of strength training (laughs) …

The goalkeeper is a fitness enthusiast.

You got along well with Loris. Since I was tall but relatively skinny at the time, he said, “Let’s go to the gym together and get started.” We did. I became more stable in my appearance, felt better and had a great half year in the union. This prompted me to return to Freiburg. There I encouraged some guys to continue strength training with me. We’ve been there a lot in the gym since then.

How much muscle mass have you gained?

I don’t know exactly how much muscle mass. In total, she gained twelve kilograms in nine months, which happened relatively quickly. It’s still fun for me, with the national team I love going to the gym with Leon Goretzka, Serge Gnabry or David Raum. Of course this is not possible the day before the match, but basically I don’t feel like my muscles are limiting me, for example in terms of mobility. I’ve built strength training into a routine, going to the gym three to four times – sometimes five or six times – a week. I noticed in the duels: it was no longer easy to turn me away.

With Niklas Süle, you will shape the defense at Borussia Dortmund in the future. Süle has already made it clear in SPORT BILD that he wants to become a BVB champion. A man with your self-confidence shouldn’t conflict with that…

I want maximum success in Dortmund. In my opinion, Sebastian Kehl made very good transfers. The team was really good and has been greatly enhanced now. We want to challenge Bayern Munich. If that’s enough for us to be champions in the end, of course we want to attack. We have to try to get a level of consistency that may have been lacking in recent years. Then we have a chance!

At Bayern Munich, the “NewGen” team around Kimmich, Gnabry and Goretzka formed the club for years. Can a similar successful generation, a new spirit, appear in Dortmund with you, Adeyemi, Sully & Co.?

I hope that! Dortmund have signed three German players, in addition to Saleh Ozkan, who has played for all German national teams but has now decided to choose Turkey. I’ve dealt well with Karim since the European Under-21 Championship, which we won together, we were in constant contact, and I kept asking him: “Are you going to the Champions League?” I was very happy with his decision. I have a good relationship with Niki anyway, we guys are similar with a similar playing style. I hope the spirit develops and that we can shape something in Dortmund over the years.

Muscle flexion trained: Schlutterbeek in the former Freiburg shirt

Muscle flexion trained: Schlutterbeek in the former Freiburg shirt

Photo: Christian Charisios / dpa

How do you define the mentality yourself?

Lead in the field, perform. I’m not one to say after a bad match, “We weren’t good.” No, so I’m talking about my performance. The people who are signed now have the mentality that they want maximum success. As a central defender, I have a good view of the field: if I don’t like something, I make it clear, and if you have a different opinion on the field, it’s not that bad. It can be beneficial for the climate! After that in the cabin you shake hands again.

Mats Hummels is said to have campaigned internally for those responsible for your commitment last year.

I didn’t know that. But I feel happy when such a well-deserved great player talks about me in that way and affects me in a positive way. I think we will get along well. I learned a lot from Mats Hummels in the past, when he was the best in the world with Jerome Boateng at the center of defence. Certainly, we are playing in the same position, we are in competition. But we have to hide it: the club must be above everything else. With Mats, Nikki, Manuel Akanji, Sumaila Coulibaly and myself, we have a good squad in the center of defence. This allows us to provide support to the team.

When you signed, you were still assuming Marco Rose would be your coach…

I had good conversations with Marco, the breakup surprised me. At the time I was still under contract with Freiburg and was completely focused on the DFB Final. The club found a great solution in Eden Terzic. We’ve already talked on the phone, and I think we’ll cooperate well.

According to SPORT BILD information, Bayern Munich tried at the last minute to interfere in the transfer deal with BVB and get you. How hot is flirting with Mr.?

I don’t like to talk about other clubs. There were a lot of inquiries, but I made a conscious decision to go with Dortmund: the club has a vision and has shown me a clear plan. I’m in the mood for BVB! What I can reveal: I could have earned more at other clubs. I am only 22 years old, and money is not the most important thing to me. Borussia Dortmund did it to me: I want to continue the story there, collect trophies.

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