Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Schumacher in an alternate chassis

Azerbaijan GP 2022

Mick Schumacher had his second serious accident this season in Monaco. The damage amounted to more than one million US dollars. The chassis can be fixed, but in Baku Schumacher is sitting in the alternate monocoque for the time being. The 23-year-old German justifies the risk.

Everything should improve in the second season of his Formula 1 career. As was the case in Formula 3 and Formula 2. Mick Schumacher won the championship title in his second year. You can’t go that far in Formula 1. But the points have to jump up regularly, which would be small wins. Haas has kept his promise to do so. The American race team made a car fast enough for the third quarter and the top ten in the race.

However, Schumacher cannot implement the potential. In six races there was nothing to count. He tested the Grand Prix from the sidelines. In Jeddah he brazenly abandoned Haas in the second part of qualifying. The pilot stopped, the mechanics fixed.

accident without warning

This was not the only incident. In Miami, Schumacher collided with compatriot Sebastian Vettel on his way to the first championship points. In Monaco he had an accident at the exit of the chicane pool. Hase broke into two parts. “The accident itself and the result was strange. It came out of nowhere, without warning,” Schumacher says.

“The accident itself happened because I went a little too far at twelve. The tires on the right got cold due to the wet spot. In chicane, I misplaced the car. I was probably ten centimeters from the line and started spinning wheels, turn me halfway, try to save and fly. Away “. A few centimeters: In Formula 1, this is the exact difference between “rise and take off”.

For the Haas mechanic, leaving meant the next extra shift. Among other things, the suspension and wings, bodywork, underbody and gearbox were damaged. The US racing team estimates the amount at more than one million US dollars. At least the structure can be saved. The same thing that brought the 23-year-old to the brink of a complete loss in Jeddah. In Baku, it was initially in the alternate structure. After that, Monacoc’s grandmother-Monaco will return to England.


Mick Schumacher will drive the alternate chassis in Baku. Broken monocoque can be repaired in Monaco.

Schumacher did not stress

An apology addressed to the Haas team did not come from Schumacher’s lips on his Thursday media tour in Baku. Instead, the pilot justified himself. “To score points you always have to take some risk. It’s very tight in the midfield, every tenth decides. If you don’t take a risk, you’re 15th. If that pays off, you can lead the midfield.”

After a spoiled racing weekend, there were of course talks at Haas. “In any case, he cannot continue like this,” warns team manager Guenther Steiner. He knows that too. Landing into the wall is not healthy either. At the same time, South Tyrol shows understanding. “There’s a lot of competition in this sport. It’s easy to push the limits a little and get a lot of excitement – especially at circuits like Jeddah, Monaco or here in Baku.”

Every accident and every extra weekend puts more pressure on the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher. Mick’s son is not allowed to appear, at least from the outside. “Of course I’m under pressure. And I started doing it in a different way.” He wants to turn stress into something positive. Just like in the days of Formula 3 and Formula 2.

Schumacher himself remembers that even then it took time to get off the ground. until it is clicked. In this way, he reduces the importance of his teammate’s advantage. Kevin Magnussen leads 15-0. “My teammate also had a good start to the season in Formula 2. I changed things there over the course of the season.” It refers to a prima duel against Robert Schwartzman. Postscript: “I’m not stressed.”

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