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Nico Capel from Wilsheim set a new record with his shot twice in just a few days. SWR Sport visited him during training and asked him why he was fit.

A cold barbell rumbles through the large weight room at Mole-Chäveli-Hall in Stuttgart for track and field athletes, heavy weights strewn on the floor. Rock music blasts off a cell phone in a corner between the power machines and the iron. And in the middle of his “second sitting room”: Welzheim world record holder Nico Capel in the shot put.

Daily strength training as a foundation for success

Every day, Nico Capel lifts, balances and pulls weights in the modern hall, especially strengthening his muscular body. It just has to fit,” Nico Capel said in an interview with SWR Sport.

The short Olympic winner from 2016 in Rio recently set the world record in his class twice. During his throwing days at Halle / Sal, he nearly crushed the old Uzbek record of 63 cm Bobryon Umonov and reeled it up to 14.94 metres! Nico Capel describes his still unusual emotional world, “I still need some time to process it,” “More than 60 cm, that’s a big number. You can see it, I think so, I’m still always cheerful on the cheeks.”

He even broke his own world record

And it turned out a few days later that such a remarkable performance was not once in a century: at the Grand Prix in Nottuel, Switzerland, Nico Capel added another five centimeters and improved his world record to 14.99 metres: “It was important to me that I was able to confirm the distance on the spot. So that people around me wouldn’t talk about “Sunday Shock.” Show me this: I have what it takes.”

For Nico Capel, the audience’s return after Corona’s long period was also very important to the massive increase in performance, as was the case recently in Halle: “Every spectator gives me a millimeter of width.”

Tuning precision training at the Olympic base in Stuttgart

Two world records? It is no accident. “I knew I was in a good mood,” Nico Capel (27) told SWR Sport. “I’ve already had a good indoor season.” Are there reasons? “We changed some things in training, but only small things.” Among other things, in observing training across the Olympic base in Stuttgart. Example: “I do tests every day under the same conditions. You can see” how the training of the past few days has had an effect. How is my body how did it develop? “

The world of coaching Nico Capel

“Meanwhile, reading the data seems like a very scientific job,” Capel said with a laugh. “I will have to study training science soon so I can understand my training plan.” But: “It’s a lot of fun.” Especially when you improve this training in this way.

When did Niko break the 15-meter cable?

14 meters, 99 centimeters: Nico Capel was just a centimeter away from the last world record to break the 15 metre sound barrier. Nico Capel believes that “if technology from Halle and blast from Nottwil combine, 15 meters is possible.” The new world record holder does not like to predict exactly the maximum distance and physical limits for him.

There is no big event in 2022

It’s a pity that he doesn’t have a major sporting event this year given his current stellar form. No Paralympic Games, no World Cup, no European Championship. “It’s very disturbing,” says Nico Capel, because the World Cup in Japan has been postponed to 2024 in the Paralympic year. But the happy nature from the Swabian Forest also sees this positively: “It was an opportunity because we were free and able to process changes in training in peace.”

“Completely stopped” when Stuttgart remained on alert

In addition to the well-being and happiness of Nico Capel, FC Stuttgart relegated in the last minute to Cologne on the last day of the match: “I looked at him at home and was completely nervous, really completely nervous,” said the VfB athlete – athletics department sympathetically, “I am very emotional when it comes to It’s football. Now I feel relieved and proud. Even if we are happy that we were not relegated to the first division as others feel in the championship…”

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