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For the first time in the world, the legislator specified the standard connection that should be used for electronic devices in the future. On Tuesday, European Union member states and members of the European Parliament agreed on USB-C as the standard charging socket. The agreement should only be formally decided.

When will USB-C become the standard in the European Union?

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It is expected that from the summer or fall of 2024, some electronic devices will only be sold with a USB-C connection in the European Union. With this component, it does not matter how it is connected, and it is already installed in many devices today. Margrethe Vestager, Vice-President of the Commission in charge of digital affairs, said in a press release issued by the European Commission in September last year:We’ve given the industry plenty of time to find their own solutions, and now is the time to take legislative action on a common charger.”

A transition period of 24 months applies from the date of adoption of the new legislation for 40-month laptops. This should give the industry enough time to adapt.

The USB-C port is convenient because it doesn’t matter which way the plug is inserted.Photo: George Helgemann/dpa-ZentralBuild/dpa

What devices will be equipped with USB-C sockets?

In the future, regardless of the manufacturer, devices that can all be charged with the same charging cable will include small and medium-sized electronic devices. It should be large enough for the corresponding connection.

This includes mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, portable game consoles, headphones, portable speakers, navigation systems, computer mice, keyboards, laptops, and e-readers.

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