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The Eintracht Trier and the Stuttgarter Kickers missed out on direct promotion to the regional league. Now both of them have to enter the promotion round.

There were long faces and frustration at the Eintracht Trier and Stuttgarter Kickers last weekend. Both just missed out on the championship in the respective Oberliga and thus a direct promotion to Regionalliga Südwest. The Trier team ended up in the Rhineland-Palatinate/Sar Oberliga with the same number of points, but with an even worse goal difference behind Wormatia Forms in second. On Tuesday night, the Union Court of the Southwest Football Association dismissed an objection to the final table.

The fate of the kickers in Baden-Württemberg was decided only on the last day of the match in an exciting final stage in a parallel match by rival SGV Freiberg. The Stuttgart game was already over, and the Kickers felt they were already in the championship celebration after the 3-1 win over Sportfreunde Dorfmerkingen, when Freiberg’s Marcel Sökler scored in Nöttingen in injury time to make it 2-1. And suddenly the Kickers, also tied, took only second place.

Three upgrade rounds

In Worms and Freiberg, planning for the new season began in the regional league, but Eintracht and Kickers did not leave the train to the fourth division. Second in the table still has a chance in the regional league.

A small snag complicates the whole thing a bit: the “Regionalliga Südwest gbR” area of ​​responsibility also includes Oberliga Hessen as well as two Oberligas Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar and Baden-Württemberg. Thus the endgame of the upgrade becomes a promotion round – loosely based on the slogan “One in Three”. Also in Hesse, two teams fought for the championship to the end, with SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz overtaking Eintracht-Stadtlendorf on the last day of the match.

The Eintracht Trier has to remain in custody after losing the direct upgrade.


Imago / Jan Huebner

complex table

Preparing and planning for this round of promotion is not that easy, even for fans. One thing is clear: everyone plays against everyone – but only once. This means that each team is allowed to play at home once. The Stuttgarter Kickers match will start on Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm at Waldau Stadium against Eintracht Stadtallendorf. The standings for the other pairs on Saturday 11 June and Tuesday 14 June are still open as it depends on the result of the first match. Here is a brief overview:

If the Stuttgarter Kickers beat Stadlendorf:
June 11: Eintracht Stadtallendorf vs Eintracht Trier
June 14: Eintracht Trier – Stuttgarter Kickers

In the event of a tie or defeat of the Stuttgarter Kickers:
June 11: Eintracht Trier – Stuttgarter Kickers
– June 14: Eintracht Stadtallendorf – Eintracht Trier

Kickers can or must serve, Eintracht Trier coach Josef Senar has the advantage of being able to monitor both opponents before. And if there are still questions about who will eventually be promoted, the assembly, of course, has prepared everything in a custom way:

The winner of the points round will be determined according to the following criteria and will be promoted to Regionalliga Südwest.

  1. point ratio
  2. In the event of a tie, the goal difference matters
  3. If this is also the same, then the number of goals scored will be counted
  4. Otherwise direct comparison
  5. If it is also a tie, the number of goals scored away from home doubles for direct comparison
  6. If a decision is not made on the best position according to all of the above criteria, the group will be selected.

The exception to the rules

However, there is one exception: if after the third match it is still not possible to reach a decision according to the above criteria (because it is still 0-0 after 90 minutes and therefore neither team has scored an away goal) and the two clubs involved face the third match The match will be extended by 2 x 15 minutes and, if necessary, penalty kicks will be taken as per FIFA guidelines.

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