Today’s pearls on Twitter from June 8, 2022

Welcome to the beginning, the most important question of the day: Who are you going to call? If you don’t know the answer, you obviously haven’t noticed any paranormal activity in your living room. Congratulation! This is not bad and is not at all self-evident. At least since Charles Montgomery Burns formally took over the presidency of the CDU, the boundaries between reality and fantasy have become completely blurred. In any case, one must of course be especially careful on International Ghostbusters Day. So if you run into something slimy today, Flubber, the beautiful green ghost, will likely be on the way. Or you have kids, but then you’re used to slippery stuff anyway. Either way, pack the Proton Backpack on your back and let’s get started with today’s pearls on Twitter!

#1: Trigger Warning: Hamster Content

#2: If the palm face emoji is a human (click and be amazed)

#3: Just save the world for a moment

#4: By the way, tomorrow there will be discount tickets for wooden railways

#5: We keep our fingers crossed

No. 6: Speaking of network expansion in Germany…

#7: Shall we share?

Number 8: They must do something there

9: What was it?

10- Which of you brings coffee?

Have you heard? Now Mrs. Merkel makes only good dates. If you also want to realize one of these things, we recommend this article here:

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