Sportfreunde Oesterholz-Kohlstädt celebrates four days

In addition to the sports festival, there was also a major anniversary to be celebrated at the Am Paradies Club site: “100 Years of Sports at Osterholz”.

Thuringian concert band Die Wehder did a lot of partying at first. “The six artists were a real stroke of luck,” said CEO Reinhard Richter in an interview with this newspaper. The show was supposed to end at 1 a.m., but spectators and listeners let the group leave the stage at 2:30 a.m. after several times.

Several small tents instead of a large one

The first sports festival after the two-year break in Corona was also able to convince with some visual and decorative changes. Instead of one large marquee, there were several smaller pagoda tents that were lit up with brightly colored lights throughout the evening.

The newly established taekwondo group introduced itself to the public on the second day of the festival. picture: Bianca Kurzer

The second day of the festival was all about sports. Sportfreunde Oesterholz-Kohlstädt took the opportunity to aggressively promote themselves and the popular sports on the site. The newly founded taekwondo group, which was able to present itself on a mobile platform for the first time, was also part of the party. Anyone interested in martial arts from the Far East can now contact the management team Ronny Weingarz, Claudia Günther and Michael Prasse. Training takes place every Monday from 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM. The minimum age is seven years.

New Ninjutsu group welcomes new members

The newly established ninjutsu group will also be happy with the new members. It is chaired by Alexander Budd. Training every Thursday from 8 pm to 10 pm. Thursday Self Defense (5pm-7pm) is for adults only.

Children’s rock: Yoshin Val came to Osterholz with the band “Randall” – and used an unusual microphone stand. picture: Bianca Kurzer

And that was also new for the 2022 Sports Festival: on a Saturday afternoon, sports fans were able to tune in to a nationally known children’s band with the help of Volksbank Schlangen. The Bielefeld “Randall” group enjoys some cult status among children. The show was accompanied by one or two rain showers. But this did not dampen the good mood of young guests and their parents. Singing was the order of the day – for example, in the ridiculous song about a friendly rhinoceros.

Friedel Heuwinkel showcases 100 years

The third day of the festival officially ended with a celebration. Sportfreunde’s president emeritus, Friedel Heuwinkel, reviewed 100 years of sport at Oesterholz in his ceremonial address. He repeatedly emphasized that in addition to competitive sports, folk sports are also of particular importance for the club. Heuwinkel dedicated himself to detailing an event in 2011 that marked a turning point. At that time, the two formerly independent clubs SSV Oesterholz and TSV Kohlstädt entered into marriage. This contact resulted in a new association: Sportfreunde Oesterholz-Kohlstädt which currently has over 900 members.

Sports festival “100 Years of Sport Oesterholz”: the two honorary presidents, Michael Riemann and Friedel Hoenkel, along with current president Reinhard Richter. picture: Klaus Karnfeld

The highlight of the final day of festivities was the local football derby between Sportfreunde and FC Fortuna Schlangen. The match narrowly ended 2:1 in favor of Fortuna.

At the end of the four-day event, Reinhard Richter had every reason to say thank you. “Before and behind the scenes, Bianca Kurzer played a key role in pulling the organizational leads. Kudos to Klaus Stabbe, Dietmar Strudik and Hartmut Tiegler, as well as the entire Board of Directors, for their tireless efforts. Not to forget the assistants who took great care of their hospitality or put so much effort into the setup. and disassembly.”


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