Rheinkirmes Düsseldorf 2022: history, attractions, dates

Folk festival in Dusseldorf
What you need to know about Rheinkirmes 2022

The largest fair on the Rhine in Düsseldorf will finally return in 2022 after a two-year hiatus due to the Corona pandemic. What you want to know about the folk festival.

When will Rheinkirmes 2022 be held?

The largest fair on the Rhine will be held in Düsseldorf from 15 to 24 July this year.

What are the exhibition opening hours?

The gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 2 pm until midnight, Friday from 2 pm until 2 am, Saturday from 1 pm until 2 am and Sunday from 11 am until midnight.

Where is Rheinkirmes located?

Since 1901, Rheinwiesen has been the theater of the Rheinkirmes. Also this year, the large fairground will be reconstructed in its picturesque location in Oberkassel. It covers an area of ​​about 165,000 square meters.

What can visitors to Rheinkirmes expect?

Architect Thomas Koenig promises “a luxurious gallery – because we owe it to our visitors after a forced hiatus of two years.” About 300 exhibitors from Germany and abroad will present themselves on an area of ​​224,000 square meters. Koenig announces to all the amusement park fans a charming mix – “Family-friendly rides, adrenaline kicks and amazing innovations.” There should also be surprises in the gastronomy. So you can be curious.

What games will be in Rheinkirmes?

Aside from the just-quoted, still quite public announcement by architect Adil König, nothing is known yet. Only ‘Spinning Racer’ shouldn’t be there this year.

How many beer tents are there in the Rheinkirmes?

Many breweries will stay away from this year’s Rhine Fair. The consequences of the pandemic are to blame: all costs have gone up and staff are scarce. >>>Paid Content You can find more information on this here.

What are the important dates for the Rheinkirmes?

subordinate pink monday Mondays of the fair are traditionally reserved for the LGBT scene – and usually one of the busiest days.

legendary super fireworks It takes place on the last Friday of the exhibition. Before the start of the fireworks display, Kniebrücke and Oberkasseler Brücke will be closed for safety reasons. Then it is closed to two-wheeled cars. From there you can enjoy a great view of the fireworks.

What is the best way to get to Rheinkirmes?

Driving to the fair in Oberkassel is not a good idea. Experience has shown that the streets are always very crowded in this area at the time of the popular celebration, and it is almost impossible to find a parking lot. The best way to get to the fair is by train – especially since the 9 euro ticket is also very cheap. The U70, U74, U75, U76 and U77 run from the main train station to the nearby Luegplatz station. Tip: Get off at Tonhalle station earlier and walk over the Oberkasseler Bridge to the gallery. From there you can enjoy a beautiful view of the games.

How many visitors are expected?

Rheinkirmes is a festival of particular tradition and significance, because with over four million visitors, it is one of Germany’s three largest folklore festivals – along with Oktoberfest in Munich and Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart. It has been held since 1901 at the fairgrounds on the left bank of the Rhine in the Oberkassel.

Who organizes the largest fair on the Rhine?

Both Schützenfest and the “Biggest Fair on the Rhine” are organized and run by volunteers from St. Sebastianus Schützenverein Düsseldorf is more than 700 years old.

Where did the tradition come from?

Schützen- und Heimatfest is celebrated in honor of the city’s patron Saint Apollinaris, and therefore is always held on Memorial Day on July 23. Well worth seeing is the “Historic Show” on July 17, one of the biggest in Germany with over 3,000 gunmen, gangs, horses, carriages and carriages in uniform.

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