Pokémon GO brings extra raid hours in an extraordinary time

In Pokémon GO, there will be an additional raid hour on Friday. We at MeinMMO tell you the reason for the short event, which monster is waiting for you in the raids and who can participate.

What time is the raid? During the raid hour, level 5 raids are carried out in almost all arenas for a duration of 60 minutes. This gives you the opportunity to complete several of them in a row. This short event is usually every Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:00 local time.

On Friday, June 10, there will now be an additional Raid Hour in the form of an alternate event.

Why is there an alternative event? On June 1, 2022, the raid hour with Kyogre should take place as usual. However, there were major problems with the game in some time zones. As a result, many coaches were unable to properly interact with the arenas and received “network errors”.

Anyone who finally made it to a raid complained of so many bugs that catching the coveted monster by crashing the game wasn’t possible for everyone in the end.

After fixing server issues, Niantic has already announced a replacement event for affected players. We have summarized all the information about the replacement event below.

All information about the alternate raid watch with Kyogre

When is the alternate raid hour? The Substitution event will continue on Friday, June 10, 2022. You will once again have the opportunity to encounter the Raid Boss in Level 5 Raids between 18:00 and 19:00 local time.

Who can use the backup raid watch? As Pokémon GO announced via Twitter on the evening of June 7, the redemption event will only be available in the affected time zones. Accordingly, the time zones GMT +14 to GMT +2 had problems with the raid watch last week, which is the reason only to compensate for these problems.

Since Germany is in the GMT +2 time zone due to daylight saving time, you can take advantage of the frequency of the raid clock.

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Is the alternate raid watch worth it?

Which raid boss would there be? Currently, you usually meet the Legendary Earth-type Pokemon Grodon in Level 5 raids. However, since this Raid Hour is an alternate event, you can meet the Legendary Water Pokémon Kyogre again during this time.

You can read how to defeat the legendary raid boss in our counter guide.

How strong is it He scores particularly well with high values ​​of attack, stamina and defense. With his combination of successive moves and his surfing, Kyogre also deals a lot of damage to the opponent. This makes it one of the best water strikers in Pokémon GO.

Is there a Shiny Kyogre? Yes, with a little luck you may come across an impressive specimen. You can recognize him by his purple body.

Kyogre normal (left) and flanked (right)

Players have lost raid passes, and are now asking for free cards as a replacement

What do the instructors say about the alternate raid lesson with Kyogre? There was a lot of criticism on social networks right after the server problems. That did not change even after the details of the upcoming raid were announced on Friday.

Above all, wasted raid passes play a major role, but excluding other time zones from this event is also a big problem for some coaches. The following comments can be found on reddit:

  • Zukro: “Do we get free raid passes, too?”
  • TheRealHankWolfman: “For some reason they kicked us out even though we were struggling during the raid lesson.”
  • Matty8520: “I’m in the GMT+2 timezone, but during the Kyogre Raid watch only 1 out of the 30 calls I sent had problems. So I suppose the issues were mostly resolved by then, which is likely the reason given by Niantic There might still be issues until GMT +1, but honestly, Niantic must have held a world raid watch.”

It remains to be seen if Ninatic will expand the event to other time zones and whether there will be additional raid passes as compensation. If there is any new information on this topic, you will find it here on MeinMMO.

What do you think about the replacement event due to server problems? Would you like a different compensation? And will you use the raid watch with Kyogre? Let us know in the comments.

Here we show you all the raid hours and the legendary bosses waiting for you in Pokémon GO this June.

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