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THW Kiel qualified once again for the Handball Champions League. While the “Zebras” team won at 33:26 (14:15) at RN Löwen on Wednesday night, their rival Füchse Berlin failed. In Flensburg it was 21:24 (7:9) against Bergisch HC and it was a minor issue – three players were sent off.

The Berlin team managed to score 23:23 (12:13) at HSG Balingen-Weilstetten, which was second in the standings. So Kiel has a three-point lead on the final day of the match, which THW will end up as runner-up: the home game on Sunday (3.30pm) against FA Göppingen is just as meaningless in the sport as the simultaneous duel between the Foxes and. Flensburg team. BERLIN – He will finish the season in third place and the General Secretary in fourth place.

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THW Kiel desperately needs an Appelgren

In the match in Mannheim, there was speed and passion right from the start. Just under seven minutes later, nearly 12,000 spectators had already witnessed ten goals. The reason Kiel was constantly behind during the first half was due to Löwen goalkeeper Mikael Apelgren, who made Zebras nervous with several saves.

THW found it difficult without the injured Sander Sajosen, the Ringorginists were more efficient in their attacks and were consistently in the lead – meanwhile even with three goals (18./11:8). However, Kiel returned to the match and entered the second half with only one goal difference (14:15).

After 40 minutes, the “zebras” flip the match

It was a tough match in the second half as well. Only when THW coach Filip Jicha allowed the seventh field player to act did the turning point come in his team’s favour: Niklas Ekberg quickly extended Kiel’s lead to two goals (40./20:18). Now THW’s engine was running smoothly, fifteen minutes before the end the guests were four goals ahead (26:22).

Meanwhile, THW guard Niklas Landen has also become a factor. The Dane neutralized many of Mannheim’s throws and the “zebras” withdrew (53./28:23). The match was decided at the latest when Landen saved twice and Ekberg scored to make it 31:24 (57). But the match still had an emotional point: after the last whistle, there was a standing ovation for Andy Schmid, who played his last home game for RN Löwen – Kiel’s opponents also lined up and applauded the 38-year-old. , who played in Mannheim for twelve years.

Flensburg farewell

Flensburg, Kiel’s statewide rival, is no longer sporting relevance to PSG. Head coach Mike Mishula’s side had already missed out on qualifying for the Champions League again, and participation in the Europa League was certain. So the match against Bergischer HC was all about farewell. Lasse Svan’s last appearance in “Hell North” – the Dane ended his career after 14 years in Flensburg and bid farewell as Hampus Wanne (going to Barcelona) and Marius Steinhauser (TSV Hannover-Burgdorf).

After a good start for SG (7/3:1), a balanced game developed in which few goals were scored because both teams made many mistakes (25/7:7). Shortly before the break, the hosts made two mistakes: Kevin Muller hit the post after blocking a shot across the field, Emil Jacobsen missed a seven-meter throw – on the other hand, BHC scored twice and went into the blow. Room by two goals (ninth minute): 7).

Svan meets for the last time at “Hill Nord”

After the second half, the number of guests increased to 10: 7, but Flensburg neglected their chances: Jacobsen missed a second throw from seven meters, Franz Semper’s shot fell to the post. Only in the 38th minute did Mads realize Mansah (11:11). But BHC initially pulled out again (44/16:13), before things turned poignant in the 48th minute: Svan scored to make it 17:19 – his first goal in the farewell match at home, which was celebrated like the winning goal.

Svan missed another goal with a throwback from seven metres. This is one of the reasons why the weak public security couldn’t catch up (Wan, Benjamin Borek and Jim Gottfriedson were injured). In the end, the spectators did not care about the defeat at home, even before the final whistle the hall was in a festive mode and prepared for the farewell party after the match with chants of “Enmal Flensburg, Flensburg”.

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Göran Sogaard Johansen from SG Flensburg-Handewitt © picture alliance / dpa / Axel Heimken Photo: Axel Heimken

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