Eintracht – Trier dilemma with the promotion tour – football

The Eintracht Trier is fighting for promotion to the regional league – in terms of sport and law. The reason for this is a dilemma from the last Oberliga tour.

The promotion round to the regional league kicks off on Wednesday evening with the Stuttgarter Kickers match against Eintracht Stadtallendorf. Eintracht Trier will also compete for the last regional league ticket on Saturday. Eintracht did not beat the battle for direct promotion.

Having failed in the sport, the Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar club attempted to use legal means to clear the way directly to Regionalliga Südwest. In first instance, the Federation Court of the Southwest Regional Football Association dismissed the appeal.

The Oberliga dilemma

Due to the relay’s strength of 24 clubs, Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar was initially divided into the Northern and Southern regional relays with twelve teams each. The top six teams in each group (including Worms of the south and Trier of the North) played a championship round, the remainder a relegation round against the six teams in a parallel relay. The results (points and goals) of already completed matches against the five teams of your group are captured.

However, SV Röchling Völklingen (with Worms initially represented in the Southern Squadron) withdrew from the relegation round for personal reasons four games before the end of the season. In the preliminary round, Saarlanders did not use young players who were not eligible to play due to bottlenecks. The Game Committee of the Southwest Football Association (FRV), which is responsible for the Premier League, decided after Roachling’s withdrawal to remove all Volklingen matches in the relegation round from the classification. However, only matches against participants in the relegation round were removed from the previous Southern season. Meaning: Wormatia Worms were allowed to take the six points from matches against Völklingen into the title role.

This is the reason for the objection of the Eintracht Trier

Eintracht Trier sued in reference to the FRV Game Regulations with the aim of removing the Röchling Games from the Southern Preliminary Round against participants in the Championship round from the ratings. This means that Eintracht, based on the coefficient rule (points scored divided by matches played), would have jumped past the Worms to first place and thus achieved a direct promotion to the regional league.

However, that appeal was rejected on Tuesday. For a spokesman for the Eintracht board of directors, Alfons Jochum, is incomprehensible: “First of all, after Volklingen withdrew, all results had to be cancelled. In addition, with Oberliga’s current situation with different opponents in the preliminary rounds and the championship, the standings by goal difference What annoys the former Eintracht professional the most is the different definition of the term ‘current tour’, Jochum said in an interview with SWR Sport.

What now?

Eintracht Trier argued that the term includes the preliminary round in the north or south and the subsequent relegation or championship round – as in the normal case of the season, the first and second rounds. The Federation Court sees the preliminary rounds in the North and South as well as the subsequent Championship and Relegation rounds as separate rounds. “This is a very unfortunate playing field, and we mentioned this before the season started,” Yochum says.

The question now is: What next? Persons from Trier certainly intend to go to the arbitral tribunal after receiving written justification from the Assembly Tribunal. Especially since the president of the Rhineland Football Association, Walter Desch, speaks of a wrong ruling. But this does not solve the problem of starting the promotion tour with Trier, Stadtallendorf and Stuttgarter Kickers. It is difficult to send the well-known heroes of Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz / Saar and thus upgrade Wormatia Worms from vacation to boarding tour. If the arbitral tribunal decides in favor of the Eintracht Trier, there is likely to be only one solution. Canceling the boarding and boosting tour at Regionalliga Südwest.

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