Cupra Urban Rebel: a small electric car coming in 2025

The three small electric cars from Volkswagen, Skoda and Cupra will start in 2025. We were able to meet the Cupra Urban Rebel study that was close to production for a first seat test and revealed all the details about the new model.

In 2025, not only will the Volkswagen brand, but its subsidiaries Skoda and Cupra, also begin with smaller electric cars of the compact class. The technical tools are provided by a watered down variant of the MEB architecture, called “MEB Small” or “MEB Short” within the group.

The difference between the VW ID.3 and the Cupra Born and Co. in the design of the drive. While the larger electric cars from the range of brands drive the rear wheels via rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the smaller models are front-wheel drive. The electronic machine is located between the front wheels. This makes construction and production cheaper because the high voltage technology is limited to the front of the vehicle. The new electric Skoda minivan, the VW ID.1 / ID.2 and the Cupra Urban Rebel production model will be developed at Seat in Spain. The three cars will also be produced on the Iberian Peninsula.

Small electric polo car

The Cupra already showed a study called Urban Rebel at IAA Mobility, which was held in Munich in September 2021. As a three-door car with a massive rear spoiler and improved aerodynamic auxiliary parts, it simulated an electric race car. The second concept car of the same name, from which the Spaniards now pulled the canvas, is much closer to the series production.

The five-door Cupra Urban Rebel is now compatible with modern small cars such as the Skoda Fabia and VW Polo in coordination. It measures 4,036 mm in length – including decorative exterior mirrors – and 975 mm in width. With a height of 1,576 mm, it is on par with small SUVs such as the Seat Arona (1,552 mm) or Volkswagen T-Cross (1,584 mm). This is partly due to the ground clearance of 218 mm, as well as to the battery located in the floor of the car.

Storage capacity is not mentioned. In the nearly three years until the start of serial production of the Cupra Urban Rebel, for which the name of the series has not yet been confirmed, the development of cell chemistry and therefore the packaging of battery packs must continue. Two different battery sizes will be offered, which also differ in their construction. While CEO Herbert Diess has already announced cobalt-free lithium-iron phosphate batteries for new small cars, Urban Rebel’s offering talks about the optional battery for NMC (lithium-ion) technology. A range of up to 440 kilometers is targeted.

In the study, propulsion is handled by an electric motor with a maximum power of 172 kW (234 hp), and the Urban Rebel accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. Nothing has been revealed about the possible top speed. However, for hierarchical reasons only, it should not exceed 160 km / h from the larger Bornean Cobra.

The design is intended to show the next step in the visual implementation of the Cupra brand. Urban Rebel also draws on familiar details like the foreground in the shark nose look, which also adorns Born. The brand logo luminous on top is still currently failing due to registration regulations. Underneath, the Urban Rebel has strikingly large air intakes for engine cooling and aerodynamics. In profile, you should imagine flat, folding door handles and ordinary outside mirrors to get an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe car produced.

The large wheels are 21 inches apart, and the wheelbase is 2.60 metres. At the rear, the large wing of the IAA study gave way to two antenna guidance elements above the window. The shape of the illuminated logo, embedded in the LED strip, is captured by the taillights. Striking: Unlike current models, the Cupra uses the brand’s typical copper color a bit less often on the Urban Rebel.

Getting to know Urban Rebel for the first time

Bernd Konrad

Sliders below the UrbanRebel infotainment screen are illuminated.

When you first get to know the Cupra Urban Rebel, you’re also invited to try the bench. Good opportunity to inspect the cockpit. Because here, too, the study should largely correspond to the series. Behind the three-spoke steering wheel, a new set of digital cockpits can be observed. There is a large central display in the middle of the tube. Navigational instructions or information for driving assistants are displayed here. Driving-related data is displayed on two smaller screens that fold to the left and right of the large screen. As with current models, you should be able to freely configure the individual displays using the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.

The infotainment screen tilts toward the driver, making it easier to operate the touch screen. Here you can see that the Volkswagen Group will also use sliders for sound volume and climate temperature in 2025. Unlike today, the control panels are lit last, and the pronounced ledge in front of them allows you to rest your hand.

The production model must have a closed central console. The reason lies in the installation space for the automatic climate control, which should be located here due to the front-wheel drive. The Cupra Urban Rebel breaks new ground with warnings of assistance systems. A moving strip on the front side windows and the lower edge of the windshield can be reflected by indirect lighting. It can then take over the warnings from the blind spot screen when changing lanes, but also graphically displays the current charge level of the battery.

Seat test in the test car

5/2022, Cupra Urban Rebel

Bernd Konrad

The sports seats in the concept car are still handcrafted.

The available space on the man-made sports seats in the front and the somewhat lowered rear bench seat does not allow us to draw any conclusions about the standard electric small car. This also applies to the trunk, which currently has a very high loading floor. Due to the fact that the Urban Rebel does not have engine technology on the rear axle, you can certainly expect a volume at the level of the current VW Golf (380 liters).

Within the Volkswagen Group, the Cobra brand will be placed above Skoda and Volkswagen. This will also be reflected in the price of the Urban Rebel, which by today’s standards should cost 25,000 euros.

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It will be about three years before the launch of the new small electric cars from the Volkswagen Group. But already today, with Urban Rebel’s second study, the Cupra is showing a close-to-production look at the new entry-level model. The exterior and cockpit design should not be changed much. Details such as large rims, dynamically optimized exterior mirrors and missing door handles are still taught in folklore.

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