County Bureau Leaves Building Order Forever – Mayor Furious: ‘Almost Knocks Switch’

In February, the Schliersee Building Committee voted once again on a controversial building in the suburbs. He could have saved himself that. Because as it turns out, approval was granted long ago – via Fiction in December.

Schliersee – For years, local politicians in Schliersee have been tackling this suburban home in the direction of Schliersberg, repeatedly expressing their displeasure with deviations from the building permit. Now the subject may be closed – in a way that is not very elegant in Schliersee’s view: by the so-called consent imagination. This means that the construction project is automatically approved after a certain period of time, unless the project is rejected by the authorities. But the construction commission has done the latter over and over again. Only: the authority to approve is the district office, which then leaves the required changes long enough to approve itself, so to speak.

The treatment at the Municipal Council is outdated – the building application has already been approved

Schliersee Mayor Franz Schnitzenbaumer (CSU) has announced the fiction’s entry into the construction commission. The mayor was extraordinarily clear: “He almost knocked the switch,” he said angrily. If things were left in the district office to take care of themselves, “we don’t need to talk here anymore,” Schnitzenbaumer says. The commission last dealt with the change in February – and rejected it again. Only: According to the county office, the consent illusion occurred on December 1 of the previous year. “We will express our dissatisfaction with this,” Schnitzenbaumer said. And not only that, at the request of Gerhard Vaas (The Greens), the mayor made it clear that the administration was checking whether the lawsuit had a chance of success.

Discomfort with the height of the building and off-plan construction

What troubles the Schillerser about the building is above all the height, which is thought to be inappropriate, especially in the suburbs, where the municipal council envisions an outdated development. In contradiction to the design statute, the relevant draft resolutions mention, inter alia, “exposed basement floor, visible basement windows”. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the client installed the balcony on one floor below. Schliersee also complains that the balcony called “Putzsteg” is “bigger and stretches all the way”. This is not allowed. As it turned out last year, a few things were done differently inside the building, too. But this is not the business of the municipality, but of the approval authority.

The district office insists: everything complies with the rules, i.e. consent

I then informed the Municipal Council that the said balcony does not conflict with the design laws and that the same applies to the windows in question. Thus, the change in plans must be approved. But Schlierseers kept falling. The last time immediately after the novel occurred, which the Mesbach authorities reported to the Schliersee municipal council in mid-May. Ultimately, the district office writes, the state-building authority could have superseded the community agreement anyway. In this regard, the occurrence of fantasy does not change the status quo.

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Regarding the basement, the district office now states that the windows were already bare in the original April 2016 building permit. This was presented differently across all sessions. Also in an urgent order issued by Schnitzenbaumer during the Corona lockdown in December 2020, he said: “Deviations from the design regulation (display of basements and changes to the terrain) will not be approved.” As intended, desk area counters.

Thus, there is now a fully certified home in a steep area that Schliersee never wanted to have. The only question is how far Jürgen Holchelle’s (CSU) concerns will be fulfilled. “If we leave it like that, they will come one by one.”

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