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The feud between Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Munich never ends. But in a new interview, the world footballer is back in rowing after recent drastic statements. Sky analyzes the barter prank.

After eight more successful years, the marriage between Lewandowski and Bayern came close to breaking up. The 33-year-old is pushing to move to FC Barcelona this summer. Problem: Lewandowski still has a contract with Munich until the summer of 2023, which insists on implementing this working paper. So what do you do?

Public pressure is Lewandowski’s only hope

Lewandowski has been trying to force him to move to Spain for several weeks. So far, the pole has relied on public communications. Explaining Paul’s approach, communications expert Michael Kramer says, “He can only achieve his goal through media hype. A contract is a contract if Bayern remains stubborn. That is why he chooses the public path and causes unrest,” explaining Paul’s approach.

“He kept turning the spiral until Bayern got so upset that they said: ‘Then let’s let him go, the main thing is that we are calm.’ This is a deceptive calculation because he has no other hope,” Kramer analyzes the situation around the world footballer twice.

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Sky reporter Florian Plettenberg: The drama of change around Robert Lewandowski is scratching the image of Bayern Munich.

From Sports to Emotions: Lewandowski Changes Strategy

At first, Lewandowski talked a lot about his childhood dream of appearing in FC Barcelona. The Pole has said publicly several times that he would like a “new challenge”. But then the tone changed. The statements became sharper and suddenly targeted – and against Bayern Munich. “I just want to leave Bayern Munich,” the Polish star said in the podcast on Monday. “Respect and loyalty are more important than work.” OnetSport Clear.

Cramer explains the change in strategy from ‘Team Lewandowski’ about consultant Benny Zahavi: “It’s no longer about the sport’s advancement or the club of his dreams. Now it’s all about the emotions and the story of cutting the tablecloth with the club.” Moreover: “Lewandowski’s team have made it clear that they want to fulfill a lifelong dream of their merits for the club. The fact that poor Robert is now being treated so badly by Bayern Munich has broken something in him. This is the typical victim. A story told here.”

“Everything added to the fans”

At the same time, the striker continues to mention his close relationship with the fans. Meanwhile, there was talk of ‘love’, which communications expert Cramer also considers a smart move by the 33-year-old: “He knows he can get into playing mode with Bayern next year. He wants to block then that whole pitch He whistles when he runs.”

Balance the provocation towards the Bayern leaders, but without upsetting the fans too much. “Lewandowski also noted that the mood on social media has completely changed. He is in the process of destroying the work of this life that he built at Bayern,” he warns. sky Reporter Florian Plettenberg. The Bayern expert fears it is already too late for reconciliation, given Lewandowski’s public appearances.

“I don’t think it can be saved,” Plettenberg explains. “I read a lot of comments on social media and in forums. The whole thing really affected the fans.” There will likely not be a conciliatory farewell to Lewandowski like Niklas Sule did at the end of the season. While communication with New Dortmund was clean and direct, Bayern fans were disappointed with Lewy’s squad. “If he’s going to play tomorrow, he’s going to have to face a huge concert,” he said. sky Journalists for sure.

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According to Sky reporter Florian Plettenberg, the striker has lost all sympathy among FC Bayern fans in the ever-changing drama around Robert Lewandowski.

Rethink or gamble? Lewandowski is back!

After the next level of escalation seemed imminent, Hasan Salihamidzic revealed a conversation with the striker who called Bayern Munich’s sporting director. Shortly thereafter, a new interview with Lewandowski appeared in pictureHe was rowing vigorously and making new sounds. He believes that “it would be better to find a good solution for both parties. Not to look for a unilateral decision. It makes no sense. Not after this time.”

Then Lewandowski explained that “Bayern and I are not enemies,” before taking a completely new direction: “I don’t want to impose anything. […] Bayern is one of the biggest clubs in the world, a club that many great players dream of.”

Communications expert Cramer analyzes “Lewandowski’s team did not expect Bayern to remain so strong. Now it is more emotional and I have the impression that they misjudged him.” However, Bayern noticed the new tone of their (still) star. He explained that “the last interview at Bayern was met with good faith, and it was clear to hear it. All the statements that Lewandowski made previously were not only harmful to him, but also to the club.” sky Plettenberg Reporter.

Despite the demand for him: Lewandowski does not want peace

Munich people wish for peace. The calm Lewandowski demands now, too. Ironically, the attacker made it clear in his new interview that he “didn’t want to go through the media”. “He’s the one who creates the turmoil. He pours oil on the fire. He can just shut up and play, and then the turmoil is over – but of course he doesn’t really want to. He’s trying to assert his interests and that’s why he keeps doing that,” explains Kramer.

But Bayern leaders have the upper hand. Both President Herbert Hainer and General Manager Oliver Kahn ruled out the change altogether. This puts officials under pressure – but at the same time it also provides opportunities. Bayern Munich expert Plettenberg warned that “the two’s statements were words of strength. They both want and need to polish their features and if Lewandowski changes, the two will not be in a good position.”

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Artur Wichniark criticizes the behavior of Robert Lewandowski and his adviser in the fight for transfer on Sky Sports News.

Bayern has a chance of getting a strong image

If you remain resolute, after so much criticism in terms of communication, you have finally shown strength again as Bayern Munich. Kramer believes: “Oliver Kahn can significantly raise his profile in this difficult situation. In Lewandowski’s case, he has the opportunity to finally establish himself as a strong personality at Bayern Munich.”

How do you continue? The communications expert says, “If Lewandowski had approached it differently, he might have gone more for it. If you sat wisely, and cooperated more than confrontational. But Lewandowski and his advisors chose a different strategy.”

It remains to be seen whether the world footballer who desires change will continue to pour oil on the fire or put out the fire that has been lit.

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