50, 100 euros or more money for newlyweds?

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Is 50 euros, 100 euros or even more appropriate as a wedding gift? © imago

Who is invited to the celebration, the question often arises about the appropriate amount as a wedding gift.

You’ve been invited to a wedding – but don’t know how much money to give to the newlyweds? After all, you don’t want to look like a shark – but you also don’t want to put a lot of money into the envelope. How high the value of the wedding gift will be depends on how close your relationship with the bride and groom is. So how much do I give – as a friend, co-worker, or relative?

Wedding Gift Money: Give as much as the guest costs themselves

The amount of a cash gift depends on various factors: Degree of relationship, financial resources and background of the special occasion.

After all, it is based on a long tradition that couples want money for the honeymoon and therefore the honeymoon itself from the guests. Often the spouses also want to receive money as a gift, so that wedding cost To cover – and to some extent to refinance your dream party.

But even without doing anything, most guests give them cash. But honeymoon vouchers and cash are also very popular. Usually many couples receive brides Household Goods and Home Textile To start life together.

So you can orient yourself on an old guiding principle: Give something to drink or eat at the wedding And think about the (high) food prices that are paid at typical wedding locations. If the scale of the wedding is smaller – as is currently the case during the Corona crisis – think about how much you still want to give. And what you yourself will be happy about rather than the newlyweds and what you may see fit.

Adapting the wedding gift to the financial situation

But the question of how much money you give also depends largely on your financial situation. This is it Your account balance should be a guide. It is important not to overspend money. For a student or trainee Is it perfectly legitimate to “only” From 30 to 50 euros to give.

Many also set some sort of standard budget for weddings. One is between 50 and 100 euros, and the other only starts at 150 euros and above. but also How close the relationship between the bride and groom plays a role in the gift of money. Are you invited to a colleague’s wedding – or is your brother marrying the love of his life?

Wedding: give friends up to 50 euros, family over 100 euros

Basically, if the newlyweds are only from your circle of acquaintances, then the value of your financial gift should be between 30 and 50 euros. But you Friends with the bride and groomit could be something else: Up to 100 euros is appropriate in any case. However, if the spouses are part of the family, it is possible to achieve more.

Aunts, uncles, and parents of the bride and groom usually give gifts The price per person often starts at 100€ and sometimes goes up to 500€.

Banned from the point of view of many donors: less than 50 euros for gifting.

Split money gift for a wedding as a couple

advice: If you receive an invitation to a wedding with your sweetheart, you can We are also happy to split the gift of money into two parts. It doesn’t matter if it’s relatives, friends or acquaintances – think of an appropriate amount for each occasion and let your partner agree with you Share in total. Advantage: This also protects your wallet.

What does good old Knigge actually say?

Written etiquette largely agrees with the above. After all, no one can tell you how much you should give the bride and groom in the end. Also applies as a principle according to etiquetteAt least you are the newlyweds What the grooms spend on the wedding guest at the wedding should be given to the wedding guest (between 35 and 80 euros). (Japan)

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