Yamaha TW-E7B and TW-ES5A: A new sporty and pioneering in-ear model

Yamaha offers the TW-E7B and TW-ES5A wireless headphones. The former is perhaps the new flagship of the manufacturer’s True Wireless range of products. The TW-ES5A is the first sports headphones that Yamaha has brought to the market. What can we expect from the two new models?

TW-E7B: The new flagship

The new internals from the Japanese manufacturer contain very large drivers: the sound transducers of the new TW-E7B true wireless headphones are a full 10.0 millimeters. These are intended to produce a precise and dynamic sound. The TW-E7B has Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX Adaptive Audio and also supports Bluetooth SBC and AAC codecs. With six hours of battery life and another 16 hours thanks to the charging case, the TW-E7B cannot achieve high performance in terms of battery life. The in-ears come with active noise cancellation, which is especially useful when you’re outside, so you can enjoy music or podcasts even in noisy places. The charging case is equipped with a USB-C connection, and the earbuds are splash-protected according to IPX5 standard.

The new design is impressive. It reminds a bit of Sony’s WF-1000XM4. | Photo: Yamaha

Yamaha also states that it uses a “listening enhancer” to optimally adapt the sound to your ear canal. The manufacturer is based on its experience in “YPAO room correction” with AV receivers and promises that the volume will adjust automatically and in such a way that you won’t notice any sudden difference while listening to music. Only a detailed test in the HIFI.DE laboratory will be able to show how good this technology is.

Yamaha in the ears in different colors
TW-E7B is available in black, white, blue and beige. | Photo: Yamaha

TW-ES5A: Yamaha In-Ear Sports Headphones

Unlike the TW-E7B, Yamaha’s sports headphones have better protection against water and sweat, rated at IPX7. The TW-ES5A is also equipped with the latest Bluetooth version (5.2) and contains the Bluetooth aptX Adaptive Audio, AAC and SBS codecs. In particular, the fit of the ears should ensure a secure fit during sports. The five different included ear tips and four interchangeable ear tips also help. Compared to the TW-E7B, the Sport model benefits from up to nine hours of battery life and another 25 hours total thanks to the charging case.

TW-ES5A Charging Case
The fit of the Yamaha sports headphones should provide a particularly good grip. | Photo: Yamaha

New Yamaha In-Ear Speakers: ANC and App Control

Both models are said to have improved microphones so that the ears can also be used for making calls. In addition to the ANC, which both ears bring, they also have an ambient sound mode to enable users to hear the noise from the environment more clearly. Additionally, the new earbuds come with a free app that can be used to set up additional settings. This is especially useful if you are a cyclist or pedestrian in your ears on the road. The gaming mode should enable the audio signal from videos and movies to be sent to the ears without much delay between picture and sound.

TW-E7B Next to a musical instrument
Yamaha builds on its many years of experience with its new in-ear headphones and promises excellent sound with the TW-E7B. | Photo: Yamaha

With its two new models, the manufacturer promises balanced sound, even at low volume, thanks to in-house “Care for Listening” technologies, which aim to ensure excellent music reproduction.

TW-E7B and TW-ES5A Pricing and Availability

The TW-E7B earphones are available in black, white, blue, beige and the TW-ES5A in black, white, pink, blue and green. It is expected to be available from July/August. Yamaha has not provided any other details yet.

The RRP for the TW-ES5A Sport model is €179.00 and €269.00 for the new flagship TW-E7B.

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