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Full train stations, many delays: This has happened a lot especially in the last few days. (archive photo) Photo: dpa/Frank Rampenhorst

Many train customers donate money because they don’t collect delay compensation. We explain how it works and the rules that apply to a 9 euro ticket.

For two years, the train was pretty much on time. No wonder, hardly anyone drove. But lately, the punctuality rate has fallen below 70 percent – so nearly every third train has arrived late. Travelers can at least receive a small monetary compensation if the train is at least 60 minutes late at the destination. The most important answers for how this works.

What are the compensation requirements?

If there is a delay of more than 60 minutes at the destination, the passenger is entitled to a refund of 25 percent of the fare paid for one trip; From a 120-minute delay, the compensation doubles to 50 percent. Compensation is also due in the event of force majeure, such as a storm or an emergency doctor on the track.

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How is the refund amount calculated?

In the case of a return ticket, compensation is calculated on the basis of half the ticket price. With a long-distance ticket (weekly and monthly ticket), you are entitled to a fixed price of five euros (second class) or 7.50 euros (first class) for each delay. Bahncard 100 holders get ten euros (second class) or 15 euros (first class).

When will the hotel and taxi costs be reimbursed?

If you cannot reach your destination by midnight because the train is more than an hour late, the train must provide accommodation and transportation there. If you don’t, you can search for accommodation on your own and later ask the railway company to reimburse you for hotel costs. However, only the middle class is paid. In the same case, you can also take a taxi to the destination station with a maximum of 80 euros. Receipts must be submitted for costs incurred.

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How long can you continue on another train?

Once you expect a delay of at least 20 minutes at the destination, you can change to another train with the same destination. This also applies to tickets for a particular train, as well as, in principle, for higher value trains. But then you have to pay the extra cost first and you can claim it only later. Holders of a cross-country ticket or a country ticket are not allowed to transfer for free.

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Is it also possible to refund the €9 ticket?

There is a minimum of four euros. No lower compensation amounts will be paid. This means, for example: with a 9 euro ticket, compensation is due only if the delay is 2 hours or more. However, it is possible to collect several compensation claims and submit them together at the travel center or send them to the Passenger Rights Service Center in Frankfurt am Main.

How do you apply for your money?

Deutsche Bahn offers a passenger rights model for this purpose. You can get it from the train hostess, at the DB Travel Center and online ( The application can also be submitted informally in writing. In the case of electronic tickets, you can also claim compensation via the customer’s account on or the DB Navigator app. Reimbursement for tickets purchased at the counter or vending machine can only be requested in writing.

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