The Bamberg City Sports Association elected a new board of directors

Wolfgang Reichmann was elected to the top position for another two years

Last Wednesday (1 June) representatives of the member clubs of the City Sports Association gathered at the Eintracht Sports Stadium for their annual general meeting, which had been scheduled for a long time and has been repeatedly postponed due to the Corona pandemic. The main focus was on electing a new board of directors. The former first president, Wolfgang Reichmann, was re-elected for another two years by a large majority. Daniela Kicker, the new second president, stands by him. And that’s not all: With Angelina Villanillo another woman managing the finances, and with sports-experienced newcomers Vera Mamero and Marcus Habermayer as residents, the management team has a healthy mix of young and old. Evaluators Heinz Kuntek and Siegfried Prell were confirmed in their offices by Secretary Max Ziebler and Press Officer Robert Hatzold. Werner Thiel, who voluntarily resigned, now joins regular cash auditor Axel Chacci. Overall, the new management team is full of energy and commitment to take on the new challenges of sport in Bamberg. Old and new Chairman Wolfgang Reichmann thanked retired Board members Wolfgang Greider and Gerhard Seitz for their many years of service. A very special thanks go to Chief Financial Officer Werner Thiel, who will continue to be the City Assembly’s cash auditor, for his committed, reliable and highly responsible work.

“Sports without personal interaction just doesn’t work”

In his inescapable short review, Wolfgang Reichmann was relieved that the club’s representatives were able to meet again in person and without restrictions after many interruptions and failures. “Sports simply don’t work without personal exchange!” The former sports reporter mentioned the city’s very few championships compared to previous years, and mentioned, among other things, about the “running of funding for cultural workers” on December 31, 2020, which the city association was responsible for organizing. Looking back, fundraising for the cultural scene was seen as problematic, even if goodwill and voluntary participation were not denied. Press chief Robert Hatzold (“We just wanted to help”) pardoned the unusual procedure with extremely short notice.

Budget cuts for maintenance measures in sports facilities

The topic of “Bamberg Sports Promotion” has become very hot. The assembled club representatives complained that the clubs had to take on more and more costs, which the city had incurred in the past, causing the clubs to fall apart again. Matthias Pfeiffer, head of the sports department in the city of Bamberg, spoke about the financial possibilities and cuts to his budget. Recently, 100,000 euros were made available for maintenance measures in sports facilities, which were already used in July. Club representatives spoke unanimously in favor of better financial resources for the Pfeufer division, which would do justice to the societal and social significance of the clubs. The city union, as the voice of its 60 clubs of more than 40,000 members, was tasked with working towards a significant improvement in their finances. The first president, Wolfgang Reichmann, agreed: “We will deal with this issue soon. So there is some work to be done by the new management team of the city union. But we are looking forward to it.”

The City Sports Association of Bamberg EV – sees itself as a strong point of contact for sports clubs in Bamberg. You can find more information about the city association online at verband-bam

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