S-Bahn S1: Closing between Oranienburg and Birkenwerder – What travelers need to know

With the Pentecost weekend, the first €9 ticket endurance test is behind train users when the next challenge awaits: Due to construction work, the S1 between Oranienburg and Birkenwerder will be interrupted for four weeks. Instead, buses run between stations. The Lehnitz S-Bahn station will be out of service for at least two months.

Road closures begin on Thursday (June 9) at 10pm and run through July 7 at 1:30am. The railway announces that at the beginning and end of this construction project on the nights of 9/10. June and 6/7. July The closure will be extended to the Hohen Neuendorf-Oranienburg section from 12:00 AM to 1:30 AM. Then, in addition to the S1, the S8 will also be affected in the Schönfliess-Hohen Neuendorf-Birkenwerder division.

Lehnitz station will be completely closed for two months

According to Deutsche Bahn, the planned construction actions cannot be postponed in the long term due to the €9 ticket that was introduced at short notice. New signal foundations and cabling works are being carried out along the route. In the future, the route will be routed through an electronic signal box. A retaining wall is also being renovated in Birkenwerder. And in Lehnitz an elevator will be installed. The current staircase disappears. The wheelchair ramp will also be disassembled to the rear of the platform. During construction work until August 11 (1:30 a.m.), the S-Bahn will pass through Lehnitz in both directions without stopping. Alternatively, buses go in the direction of Borgsdorf and Oranienburg.

The Lehnitz S-Bahn station will be completely removed from the network for two months.
© Photo: Klaus D

No money left for Oranienburg station

Rail replacement buses also operate between Birkenwerder and Ornenburg. SEV buses run every 20 minutes and every 30 minutes at night on weekends and stop in Borgsdorf and Lehnitz. Bicycles can only be cycled on buses to a limited extent. Strollers and wheelchairs take priority.

With regional direct to Berlin

“If you want to go directly to Oranienburg, especially by bike, please use the express regional trains,” says the sympathetic explanation in the S-Bahn video. At least on weekends and summer holidays, it is not recommended to take your bike with you – this applies at least during the period of validity of the ticket 9 euros. The RE5 train had to be evacuated on Saturday 4th June due to overcrowding.
S-Bahn S1 and regional train - travelers affected by two-year shutdown

However, construction work on the road was not finished in July. The railway said construction work would continue at a later date. Therefore, from August 26 to October 4, there will be more restrictions that have not yet been explained in detail.

Changes to the S25 to Hennigsdorf

The S25 to and from Hennigsdorf is also affected by construction work. It starts and ends in the opposite direction between June 21 (4 am) and September 2 (1.30 am) at the Berlin-Südkreuz station. The train announced some clock changes and changed departure times.

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