Russia declares success – Silinsky insists on EU membership

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to: Julius Fastnacht

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Ukraine continues to incur heavy losses in the Donbass region. Zelenskyj is campaigning for EU membership. It happened at night.

Kyiv – The situation in the Ukraine war continues to deteriorate: at the diplomatic level, the Ukrainian president is calling for his country to quickly join the European Union, sending a special envoy to Berlin for talks. On the military level, Ukraine is under tremendous pressure in the east of the country and is likely to lose a city with a historical monastery to Russia.

Faced with more than 100 days of courageous struggle against the Russian invasion, Volodymyr Zelensky strongly demanded the status of the EU candidate. “I mean, this will be a decision not only for Ukraine, but for the entire European project,” the head of state said in his daily video message on Monday (June 6). That will also decide whether the EU has a future, Zelensky said.

A woman walks in the city of Druzhivka amid the devastation in the aftermath of a Russian air strike. In eastern Ukraine, the situation is getting worse. © Celestino Arce Lavin / dpa / ZUMA Press Wire

The War in Ukraine: The Berlin Special Envoy’s Campaigns for Ukraine to Join the European Union

The EU Commission wants to decide in June how to proceed with the EU’s ambitions for the country being attacked by Russia. The federal government has not yet taken a position on this issue. Chancellor Olaf Schultz (Social Democratic Party) made it clear that there should be no shortcuts for Ukraine on the way to the European Union. Ukraine, which is linked to widespread corruption, sees its war against Russia as a sufficient qualification.

Silinsky sent a special envoy to Berlin for talks with the federal government about the possibility of joining the European Union. Regional Development Minister Oleksiy Chernshaw wants to meet with Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt (SPD) and several ministers on Tuesday and Wednesday. “The European Union must embrace Ukraine,” Chernyshev told dpa in advance. But he also stressed that his country does not want to receive preferential treatment.

Ukraine war: Russia seizes town with historic monastery

Meanwhile, fighting continues in the conflict in Ukraine. “On the 103rd day, the Ukrainian Donbass are holding strong,” Zelensky said, referring to the situation in the east of the country. In addition, everything is being done to ensure that the front in the Zaporizhia and Mykolaiv regions is holding up. Heavy fighting continues, among other things, around Sievjerodonetsk and Lyssychansk. The armed forces have to bear heavy losses.

According to their own statements, the Russian army and Moscow-backed separatists have now completed the capture of the Ukrainian city of Svyatohersk with its historic monastery. There is the monastery of the Arch of the Assumption of the Virgin, which was recently shot, one of the most important sanctuaries of Russian Orthodoxy. Moscow Patriarch Kirill, who supports the aggressive war against Ukraine, has long been famous for his desire to keep the ancient religious sites of the Russian Orthodox Church under his influence.

Ukraine war: Spain wants to hand over German Leopard tanks

For weeks, Ukraine has been demanding supplies of heavy weapons from the West, not only to stop and push Russian forces, but also to liberate occupied positions. Spain, for example, wants to deliver German-made battle tanks to Ukraine.

The well-informed Spanish newspaper El País, citing Defense Ministry sources, reported that Spain was preparing to deliver about 40 Leopard 2 A4 main battle tanks and ground-based anti-aircraft missiles. Minister Margarita Robles did not want to confirm or deny this on Monday. This is a “very sensitive topic” and requires “the utmost discretion”.

Ukraine war: Claudia Roth visits Odessa

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth (the Greens) arrived Monday afternoon for a two-day visit to the Ukrainian coastal city of Odessa. She traveled to the Black Sea at the invitation of her Ukrainian counterpart. “We want to show that we are there, we want to show how culture is under attack,” the green politician said at the start of the trip. Offers of humanitarian aid are rarely mentioned in the discussions.

For the first time since the start of the Ukraine war, Chancellor Schulz will visit Lithuania on Tuesday, a country that borders Russia and feels particularly threatened by the nuclear power. In the capital, Vilnius, he will meet Nosida and the heads of government of the three Baltic states – as well as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The chancellor then visits German soldiers stationed in Lithuania to secure the eastern flank of NATO. (jf/dpa)

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