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A tasteless post by YouTuber Ron Bielecki (23). At a Ramstein concert in Berlin, he lost his composure so much that he made fun of a man – and now he’s leaving his fans speechless.

If you haven’t heard of Ron Bielecki before: the gel-haired young man became known on the Internet, among other things, for having invented the “hurricane drinking technique” and becoming a challenge for users: swirl the syrup wildly and then empty it in one gulp.

In no time at all, the guy became an internet phenomenon and has nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram. He loves to provoke, loves to spread himself in luxury, lives a life in the lap of luxury ostensibly, and celebrates from party to party. Always with you: your smartphone camera.

But Bellecki’s fans aren’t too excited about his latest live video. At a Rammstein party, he portrayed himself visibly drunk and annoyed with another party visitor, even threatening him with violence.

Ron pulled out his cell phone after the concert, broadcast live on Instagram, and his verbal colleague can be heard and seen clearly. However, it was not clear why the men clashed at all.

YouTuber with disdain: “We don’t have to deal with such low-income earners. What do you earn per month? 1500 Euros? I’m out, dude… You’re low-income!”

On Instagram Live, Ron had a loud argument with another man, shouting insults at himFoto: instagram/ronbielecki

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On Instagram Live, Ron had a loud argument with another man, shouting insults at him Photo: instagram / ronbielecki

Ron then celebrates himself for earning what he says is €300,000 a month. On the other hand, with such “low-income people”, he wouldn’t even take a picture together. “Sometimes I get scared when the guy in the hood is like this guy with his €500 monthly salary,” he exclaims tastelessly.

And further, he yells, “I’ll order 20 Dom Perignon now. You’ll earn that in 30 months. You punched Flair in the face, I’m going to punch you in the face too.”

The live video is no longer available, but there is another three-minute clip from the concert. Ron portrays himself in it, apparently drunk, while Rammstein performs the hit song “Sonne”. Negative comments against him now pile up under the video.

Lots of fan comments equal Ron – advising him to get help. Bellecki’s followers had long worried that the young man might have lost control of too much partying and consuming alcohol.

One user wrote: “You can say that fame is not good for you, threatening and insulting others.” Another added, “I’m really sorry to see someone like this. I hope you think about what happened there. It was just right.”

YouTuber and comedian Udo Bonstrup, 27, also expressed himself, sharply calling his colleague: “I can’t stand it anymore. I found Ron funny and likable. Even today when I saw this video. One thing should be clear to all of us: Sooner or later alcohol and drugs will just cross the mark and make you aggressive.”

Ron’s behavior was an “inevitable crash”. He can no longer distinguish between fiction – the partisan character he embodies on the Internet – and reality.

Watch the full Udo video on Ron here:

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