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Teutonia 05 in the regional league achieved a big win in the DFB Cup with Leipzig. Ottenser wanted to play a first-round match at Millerntor FC St. Pauli. But the second division rejected this citing its position on the “RB model”.

by Hano Bod

It’s the biggest game in the history of the Hamburg District Association, founded in 1905. With a 2-1 victory over local neighbors Altona 93 in the FA Cup final, Teutonia qualified for the DFB Cup for the first time – and was immediately drawn to defending champions Leipzig. Club president Liborio Mazgatti, who is hoping for a “full booth” and a “beautiful football festival” against the Saxons on August 30, said it was a “fantastic draw”.

The regional league team would have liked to celebrate the latter at Millerntor Stadium and asked St. Pauli if there was a possibility to rent a neighborhood football synagogue for the match. But instead of the hoped-for recognition, the second-tier club rejected the offer, arguing that Leipzig is not welcome in the arena.

video: German FA Cup: Teutonia Ottensen dreams of Leipzig winning (2 minutes)

St. Pauli finds that “the RB model is critical”

“As is well known, FC St. Pauli is highly critical of the RB model because we believe it is incompatible with the 50+1 rule, which we adhere to. The RB model is also very popular with our fans and supporters. Therefore, St. Pauli FC does not want to award the right-back A venue beyond potentially competitive matches, particularly at Millerntor Stadium, which is a symbol of solidarity and fairer football.” Abendblatt ”, which was quoted by the newspaper. Officially, the second division team did not justify its rejection of the Hamburg Cup winners. And the officials in Teutonia also do not want to comment publicly on this.

When asked by the NDR, Regional League managing director Deniz Ersin confirmed, “We could have played for Millerntor.” Because: “We are a local association, and FC St. Pauli is a neighborhood association.”

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DFB Cup © IMAGO / Picture Point LE

The newcomer from Hamburg has achieved a lot in the first round draw with defending champion Leipzig. Just like Bremen SV. more

The cup party against Liebig now at Volkspark?

With the abolition of St Pauli FC, it has become completely uncertain where the fourth tier will host the defending champions, who reached the semi-finals of the Europa League. Kreuzkirche Stadium is quite out of the question as SC Victoria Stadium in Hoheluft, where Teutonia plays regional league matches. Because both are artificial turf pitches, which the German Football Association (DFB) does not allow for cup matches, third-tier matches and beyond. The only option left for Otensen in Hamburg is HSV Volksparkstadion. The 05ers have already asked the second tier club. However, the 57,000 seat arena seems a bit big for the game. Because neither Teutonia nor Racine Polesport Leipzig, as the Bundesliga club founded in 2009 is called entirely, have a large fan base.

There is probably more atmosphere in the arenas of Schleswig-Holstein VfB Lübeck and Eintracht Norderstedt than in the Volksparkstadion. The cup newcomer also contacted his rivals in the relay about renting a stadium. “It is still not clear where we will play because we haven’t received any answers yet,” Erchin explains.

Jean-Philippe Rose, Teutonia 05 coach, in conversation © Screenshot

video: Teutonia 05 qualified for the first round of the DFB Cup (2 minutes).

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Totonia's top scorer Kahn Dozel, Dino Vaslik and George Kelpel (from left) celebrated a goal.  © WITTERS Photo: TayDucLam

Teutonia 05 beat Altona 93, and VfB Lübeck, TSG Neustrelitz and TuS BW Lohne were victorious on penalties. more

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