Pentecost holiday in Allgäu: what to do in bad weather and rain with children – current Allgäu news

Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t quite cooperate during the Pentecost holidays in Allgäu. But that’s no problem with our bad weather advice for families with children.

Unfortunately, the Allgäu weather will also disappoint us during the Pentecost holiday of 2022. To make sure the little ones don’t leave their heads hanging and can truly enjoy their holidays, you’ll find our bad weather tips here geo. (Here you can read what the weather will be like in Allgäu during the Pentecost holidays.)

Indoor playgrounds in Allgäu

So that the kids can really relax, Allgäu’s indoor playgrounds offer plenty of space and opportunities to jump in, have fun and have fun. Below is a selection of indoor playgrounds in the area:

Sports effort: the laser tag and the Allgäu trampoline hall

As kids get a little older, indoor playgrounds will eventually become not cold or no longer appropriate for their age. But the Allgäu also provides opportunities for older children and young adults to practice:

  • Sky House Trampoline Park in and Altenhoven
  • Laser tag, 3D mini golf and a Ninja Warrior course at Code Red Action Park in Kempten

Fun and adventurous pools in Allägu

There are a sufficient number of swimming pools in Allgäu. But for kids it can be more than just a swimming pool. These pools of fun and adventure are available in the Allgäu, among others:

Climbing and rocking: Climbing gyms in Allgäu

It’s not just about hiking. In the many climbing and bouldering halls, young and old can look forward to the view and test a little bravery. Here you can climb or rock the Allgäu:

Escape rooms in Allgaeu

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Petting zoos in Allgäu

From the reptile zoo to the squirrel forest: the most famous (petting) zoo in the Allgäu

If you like it sexy, one of the escape rooms is the place for you. The goal is to use teamwork, skills, and clever combinations to find your way out of a locked room. For this you have to solve different puzzles in a team within an hour.

  • Code Red Action Park in Kempten
  • Chamber of Secrets in the Compton
  • Escape Allgäu in Memmingen
  • Escape from the Allgäu room in Oberstdorf
  • Play Escape Room in Leutkirch

Cinemas in geo

When the weather is bad, you can always go to the cinema: many children’s films can now be found in cinemas in Allgäu. In the area there are the following cinemas:

  • Colosseum Center Kempten
  • Union Film Theater in Immenstadt
  • The movie The Castle in Sonthofen
  • Cinema in LOFT in Oberstdorf
  • Corona KinoPlex in Kaufburne
  • Castle in Marktoberdorf
  • Cineplex in Memmingen
  • A movie house in Bad Woerishofen
  • Filmhouse Huber in Türkheim
  • A movie house in Sonnheim
  • Park Theater and Cinema Studio Lindau
  • The new Krone cinema in Lindenberg

Current kids movies in cinemas (as of June 7, 2022):

  • Jurassic World (FSK 12)
  • Dog – Four Feet Luck (FSK 12)
  • Mia and I – Secret of Centopia (FSK 0)
  • Emenhof 2 – The Big Promise (FSK 0)
  • Little Nick on a Treasure Hunt (FSK 0)
  • Claw Patrol: Rescue on the Approach (FSK 0)
  • Maya the Bee – Secret Kingdom (FSK 0)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (FSK 12)
  • Willie and the Miracle Toad (FSK 0)
  • Gangster gang (FSK 6)
  • Bell (FSK 6)

Puppet theater in Allgäu

In addition to movies, there are also puppet and puppet theaters for youngsters in the Allgäu:

  • Marionette Theater Memmingen
  • Ferdinand Theater in Kempten
  • Opera Marionette in Lindau

Museums in Allgäu that are sure to be fun for kids too

Museums can be boring – especially for kids. The Allgäu Museums show that culture and museums can also be fun:

  • Minimobile Museum in Sonthofen
  • small world in oberstaufen
  • The German Hat Museum in Lindenberg

  • Kempten Museum in Zumsteinhaus
  • Showroom of the Erasmus Church in Kempten
  • MEWO Art Gallery in Memmingen
  • Fire Department Museum in Kufboren

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Indoor zoos in Allgäu

Even in bad weather, you can go to the zoo without getting wet. There are such indoor zoos in Allgäu, for example:

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Allgäu Pentecost holiday programs (as of June 7, 2022):

Please note that pre-registration for programs may be required.

  • The Farm Museum in Wolfegg – June 9, Insect Day, June 14, Nature Playground at the Farm Museum.
  • Swabian Farm Museum in Illerbeuren – Various courses in crafts (making sock monsters, picture games, flower albums, herbal salt by yourself).
  • Children and family program in Oberstdorf – Tennis tasting session, pony rides, mini golf tournaments and more.
  • “The Clou” in Compton – Daily change program like yoga for kids, technology course and more.
  • Florian children and youth holiday program in Niseluang – Change program like pottery, table tennis tournament and night walk with campfire.
  • Scheidegg’s Children’s Vacation Program – Change the program such as the introductory shooting and climbing course.

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