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When it comes to women’s football, there is a lot of talk about money. How much are the rewards? Should a woman earn as much as a man? And who pays for all this? But this debate is primarily of public interest. For the players themselves, money is just a side issue. You care about other things.

The European Women’s Championship will begin in England on July 6. Sixteen teams are competing in the tournament, eight of which could play for the title, according to national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg. Women also hope to win the championship. Winger Julia Gwin confirmed, “I also consider us one of the candidates, even if it was not announced beforehand. We have the right to play for the title.” sky.

Winning the tournament will also be financially beneficial to the players. Each receives 60,000 euros as a reward for the European title. This is where the discussion usually begins. Is this a lot or a little, fair or unfair?

For the women of the German Confederation, it is about appreciation

After all, each player earned €400,000 for winning the European Championship last year, nearly seven times that amount. On the other hand, the women’s insurance premium is 22,500 euros higher than it was at the last European Championships in 2017. For comparison: German sports aid pays only 20 thousand euros for a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

But for players in the national team, the debate over money misses the point. For them, it is about appreciation – and that is measured by other things. “For us, it’s not about equal pay, it’s about equal play — creating good conditions,” says Julia Gwen. “In terms of money, that’s nice, but we want to inspire our football.”

The best conditions for preparation

Conditions in preparation are already at the highest level. The women’s national team is the first team to use the new DFB campus in Frankfurt to prepare for the tournament. The second part of the preparation then takes place in Herzogenaurach, where the men are currently training. On the other hand, it usually looks different when the game is scheduled.

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Women’s Federation begins preparing for the European Championship.

Defender Sophia Kleinhern criticizes, “Our goal is also to see. You can’t do that when you have an international game at 4pm where no one can see you.” She demands in sky Interview: “Let’s have an international match like this in prime time, then I’d like to see how many people can watch us and how many people can impress us.”

EM games in prime time

The European Championships in England provide exactly that opportunity. Matches are held there at 6pm and 9pm, including in stadiums such as Old Trafford or Wembley Stadium. “We are allowed to play in the huge stadiums of the European championships. In the Champions League, Bayern Munich opened the doors for women, and Wolfsburg played in the men’s stadium. This is a very impressive development. It should continue like this,” says defender Sarah Dorsson vs. sky.

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The women’s national team began preparing for the European Championship in England. National team coach Voss-Tecklenburg requested the first session to be held on the training ground at the new DFB campus in Frankfurt, which the players were allowed to open.

She looks forward not only to the size of the stadiums, but also to the special atmosphere in England: “The British can set the mood. I think the stadiums will be full, almost always sold out. And the people there are fully engaged, they love football. We will feel that in the stadiums and what around it. It’s really cool.”

good conditions

The conditions are ripe in this European Championship to reignite the women’s football fever in Germany as well. Now it is up to the players to push this positive development forward so that in the end the performance of the national team is discussed and not just the reward.

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