Film about Trump’s claim: Doubtful documents, lack of evidence

Status: 07.06.2022 12:21 PM

Donald Trump confirms the claim that he is the real winner of the US presidential election. Documentary now to provide evidence of alleged election fraud.

Written by Sebastian Hess, ARD Studio Washington

Although there is no evidence for this yet, about 70% of Republicans in the United States say they are convinced that the last presidential election did not go right. Donald Trump’s unproven claim to be the actual winner of the election is trapped in his political camp.

However, facts speak against it, dozens of court decisions, fruitless research by Trump-friendly media, and skepticism among Trump associates such as former Attorney General Bill Barr.

But the documentary is now in the US, which claims to provide evidence of massive election fraud: “2000 mules” is the name of the film by documentary director Dinesh D’Souza.

“2000 mules” feed Trump’s allegations

“How many of you have seen the 2000 movie Mule?” asked former Republican Senator David Purdue during his campaign appearance in Woodstock, Georgia. Almost all hands in the room go up. So is Elaine Guarino, who is firmly convinced that the election of her idol, Trump, has been stolen.

She says more and more are coming to light. The movie “2000 Mules” shows the prevalence of voter fraud. “You can’t see this movie with your own eyes and keep saying there was no electoral fraud,” former Senator Purdue said.

In the film, documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza deals with a controversial feature related to voting rights in some states: In Georgia, for example, mail-in voters can get their completed ballots by private couriers. These so-called “mules” hand out voting documents by mail to specially prepare the ballot boxes. D’Souza claims that such “mules” rigged the elections en masse for money – for Joe Biden’s favour.

The documentary film opened many eyes.

The video hit many Republicans like a bombshell — including the party leader in Georgia’s Putnam County, Steve Arnold. He says the movie “2000 Mules” opened a lot of eyes in Georgia, where most of the film’s events take place. For his research, D’Souza evaluated the mobile phone movement profiles of “mules”, holders of ballot papers, and video surveillance of ballot boxes.

His film concludes from this that postal voting documents for Joe Biden were systematically distributed to as many mailboxes as possible in exchange for money — in order to conceal fraud, according to D’Souza in a podcast. D’Souza said it was the first film to show voter fraud on a large enough scale to nullify an election result.

Fact-checkers find the claim wrong

But fact-checks in several US media outlets concluded that the film-maker’s allegations of fraud were unfounded. Even Republicans who criticize Trump like Gunnar Ramir From the “Republican Accountability Project” he talks about right-wing propaganda. The film is another example of a far-right disinformation campaign aimed at questioning the legitimacy of the Biden presidency.

The director is an old acquaintance of Rammer: Dinesh D’Souza is a right-wing commentator who has long sowed doubts about the performance of the American electoral system.

It is difficult to assess whether the movie “2000 Mules”, which is being shown in cinemas across the country and can be seen on the streaming service, convinces former skeptics of the illegality of the elections. But Trump himself is tirelessly drumming for the sector.

Ritual tape ‘2000 Mules’: A Documentary Explanation of Trump’s Election Lie

Sebastian Hess, ARD Washington, 07/06/2022 11:05 a.m.

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