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There is no public viewing in the summer, nor the viewing of the World Cup in the park. One expert is sure that the match calendar will be affected by the Winter World Cup and will have a serious impact on the league.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar will lower the quality of the German Bundesliga – Martin Ravelt puts forward this thesis.

“More weeks of English means less training time equals less quality,” the 31-year-old football expert estimates. “It’s probably going to get a little worse.” Ravelt has made a name for himself as an author on the tactics blog Spielveritation. Later, this activity earned him the position of Senior Analyst at the Croatian club Haydok Split Academy. He now works individually with players from the German Bundesliga. Here there is cause for concern. Reason: schedule for next season.

“Controlling individual stress is important”

Because of the World Cup from November 21 to December 18, the result will be a tight match rhythm. German international player for Bayern Munich Munich You will play, for example, at least 25 competitive matches between the end of July and mid-November – in 15 weeks. “It is the biggest task of the coaching team to control the load,” says national team coach Hansi Flick. “Individual load control is important.”

Could controlling keyword pressure become a major factor for the upcoming season? “The main difference is that you will not be able to train as much during the season, you will just renew,” confirms Ravelt. Are you now training particularly on the tight schedule in pre-season? “It’s not like you can change something over the course of four weeks, and suddenly one day players need less renewal throughout the season. If that was possible, you would do it anyway,” Ravelt explains.

The breadth of the team can become a factor

Therefore, rather than a training camp, team presentation can be an important factor. Because: According to Ravelt, there will be more injuries next season due to stress. “It depends on how responsible the coaches are, but experience has shown that they are not very responsible and tend to think short term.”

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Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann wants to tackle the overload with as wide a squad as possible. “After the World Cup, there is no one to put your feet up, but the hot stage continues right away,” the 34-year-old said at a press conference in mid-May, looking at the team. “We will sit down with Hassan to discuss everything.”

For teams with fewer World Cup drivers, the Bundesliga break could bring other problems. “We have to make it a little fun for those who haven’t been to the World Cup and take a vacation accordingly,” says Mainz coach Bo Svensson. “This is a new area for us, so we have to think a lot about how to properly complete this time.”

Ravelt: “The second half of the season can be a roller coaster ride”

After the World Cup, the league can see some surprises, Ravelt says: “If a team has ten to fifteen players who have played to the semi-finals, that is a difference compared to the team with three national players who have been kicked. In the group stage they are “.

In particular, favorite teams around Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund will probably have to dispense with parts of their squad in preparation for the second half of the season. “If you don’t have your entire starting eleven in the pipeline, but you still need to renew before the start of the second half of the season and you weren’t in a very high level of fitness at the start, then I can imagine that the first five to ten days of the second half of the season would be A roller coaster ride,” says Ravelt.

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