Brilon: 130 events in the “cultural pact” in the coming months

There will be around 130 events in the theatre, nightclub, music and entertainment fields in Brillon in the coming months.

Culture is still very important in the ancient Hanseatic city of Brillon. Brilon people and their guests can enjoy around 130 events from theatre, cabaret, music and entertainment districts until May next year as part of the Culture Pact.

Parties interested in choosing can be spoiled, especially since the summer and fall program of “Brillon Naturally” was added with 96 events, added BWT Working Group Chair Friedel Schumacher, when presenting the 192-page brochure at the Kolbinghaus Center community. This includes performances from the Visitor Ring and Kulibri, from Brilon clubs, the Hövener House and institutions, as well as from Brilon-Kultour.

Enriching cultural life in the ancient Hanseatic city

Mayor Dr. At the start of the show, Christoph Bartsch paid tribute to the staff of Brillon Culture with Thomas Meester, Dr. Frauke Brauer and Margit Manser appreciated for creating a great program. Dr. Bartsch: “This is again a real enrichment of the cultural life of the old Hanseatic city.” He also hopes that all events will go as planned, although he explicitly refrains from using the well-known word with a “C”.

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According to Thomas Meester, the stage of the Community Center was deliberately chosen for the performance so that the cultural workers themselves could savor the air of the theater. Then he went to some special highlights from the brochure.

To name all the events the team put together over months of work, you’d go beyond the scope here. However, some highlights should be mentioned – such as the summer of music, again planned in Market Square, the old town festival, “Brillon Open Air” and the winter mile in Advent. In addition, there is a comic book cinema, concerts, theater performances by the visitors’ ring, cabaret days and various exhibitions, including the Haus Hövener. The “50 Years of the Kurpark” will also be celebrated with a family day and garden lighting in late fall. And during the summer months, the “Summer in the City” series of events invites you to stay on Saturdays at the edge of the weekly market.

How are things going after Corona’s long abstinence?

Karsten Schlömer, director of the museum at Haus Hövener, saw the show as a visiting card of the city, making Brilon attractive to all those interested in culture and music lovers beyond its borders. Friedel Schumacher, maker of “Brilon natur” has once again emphasized how important sustainable tourism is in Brilon.

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“We hope that visitors will also accept our invitations and give up their hesitation,” hope Peter Schmidt of Colibri and Ring visitors after Corona’s long abstinence. Thomas Meister added that we could only do what was possible and referred, among other things, to the (alternative) events in the schoolyard of the Heinrich Lübeck School.

But not only the program should attract citizens, but also the various sites where culture is presented in Brilon. Above all, the community center and market square, but also the district house garden, town hall, and churches, are served outdoors with pure “Brilon natur” and Haus Hövener culture.

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